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Article Date: 6/1/2014

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The “Insurance” Exchange

Use the term “visioncare savings plan.”


Patients will be more likely to purchase your luxury brands when you reference their entitlement as a “visioncare savings plan” and not Insurance. VSP, EyeMed, and others are not insurance. They are discount savings entitlements. To correct this mindset, which hinders patient happiness and practice profitability, refer to visioncare plans as “visioncare savings plans.” Doing so reconditions your patients to understand the incredible benefits they are entitled to for such a small investment in their visioncare discount plan.

Make it a game in your office to get all team members to exchange the term “insurance” for “visioncare discount plan,” and watch the change in consumer behavior through the coming months. In addition, here is a list of “power” words that connect with your consumer:


Your out of pocket
Your insurance
Insurance company
“Just” calling
Talked to about
Yeah, but…
No problem or no worries
According to your insurance, you get up to…
Did you want to get… again?
Non-glare or anti-reflective
Computer lenses
Scratch coat
You should get…
Your out of pocket will be… Or: After your insurance…
If you have any problems…
I’ll get someone…
If you were thinking…
No because they won’t get dark because of the windshield!
Let me explain the differences…
I recommend…
How many boxes would you like?
Can you hold?


Your portion or your co-payment
Your visioncare discount plan
Vision plan provider
Benefit or entitlement
Courtesy call
In addition…
My pleasure or happy to help
Unlike most, you’re not restricted or even limited…
I’ll be sure you have…
Variable focus lenses
Other patients love…
Your savings is…
I can’t wait to hear all the compliments…
I’ll ask my teammate…
My best advice…
I’ll share why people love them and then you decide!
People love them, and I’ll tell you why so you’ll know what to expect, too!
Most people prefer…
Will you hold while I work on this for you?
I’ll provide your complete supply so you’ll have a fresh lens on hand…

Mr. Hinton is CEO and president of eYeFacilitate. E-mail him at, or send comments to

Optometric Management, Volume: 49 , Issue: June 2014, page(s): 96

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