Optometric Management Tip # 280   -   Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Office Design Concepts

I have the opportunity to assist many eye care practitioners with the design of their office floor plans and I've designed six offices for my own use over the years, so I've seen lots of innovative concepts as well as plenty of design mistakes. Office space is always limited to some extent, so it is necessary for the practice owner to prioritize the various options. It can be challenging to decide what to leave out due to lack of space, but that's much preferable than omitting a design element or room function because it wasn't thought of.

Frequent omissions

Consider these rooms and functions that are often omitted due to space limitations or because the designer didn't think of it. Some of these are big mistakes while others are merely luxury features that one can live without. Which is which is often in the eye of the beholder.

Other innovative ideas

Only you can decide what the priorities are for your office facility, but it helps to enter the process with lots of ideas.

Best wishes for continued success,

Neil B. Gailmard, OD, MBA, FAAO
Chief Optometric Editor, Optometric Management