Optometric Management Tip # 30   -   Wednesday, August 14, 2002
Are Your Eyeglass Policies a Secret?

Most optometric practices have many good reasons why patients should purchase glasses from them. The problem is, those patient-friendly policies are often a secret. Many patients only find out about the good things you do for them when they actually make a purchase or if they have a problem that needs to be resolved after the fact.

I developed a handout sheet (shown below), which we give to every patient who orders glasses, and to those who take their spectacle Rx to go. The list tells everyone some of our competitive advantages and arms them with good information if they decide to shop for glasses. Many shoppers do come back.

We also use the sheet to write down the date the glasses will be ready, which prevents us from having to call everyone when they are ready. With this promise date, we only have to call the few people whose glasses are going to take longer than expected.

Use this sheet as a guide to develop your own handout, based on your policies. But why keep them a secret?

Six Reasons Why You Should Buy
Your Glasses At Gailmard Eye & Laser Center
  1. Fast service. We have our own surfacing and finishing laboratory and 3 full-time lab technicians so your glasses can be made fast. Many prescriptions are ready in 1 hour.

  2. One year warranty. All eyeglasses carry a one year guarantee against breakage at no additional charge. If your glasses break, for ANY reason, just return the broken parts and your glasses will be repaired or replaced free! Scratches are covered also, see point #5 below.

  3. 15-day exchange privilege. After getting your new glasses, if you decide you don't like the frame, you can exchange it for any other frame. If new lenses are required, a small lab regrinding fee will be charged. This regrinding fee varies with the type of lens used; check with the receptionist.

  4. Huge selection of frame styles. Our dispensary has 3,000 frames in stock, more than 6 times that of the average office. Our Eyewear Fashion Consultants will help you find the perfect style, size, and color in your price range. We carry several exclusive frame lines. We also have frame styles starting as low as $55.00.

  5. All plastic lenses have a scratch resistant and an ultraviolet coating at no extra charge. The anti-scratch coat makes plastic lenses very tough they are guaranteed for 1 year not to scratch, or the lenses are replaced free (only 1 replacement per year). The UV coat blocks untraviolet sun rays and protects your eyes. These coatings may be considered a non-covered option by some insurance companies.

  6. We stand behind our prescription. Our doctors are available to review your prescription needs and recheck your vision if you have adaptation difficulties (at no charge). We want you to love your glasses!

    The glasses you have ordered will be ready on: ________________________________

    The frame style of interest to you is: ________________________________________

    Date: _________________________

    Thank you for selecting our office for your eye care needs.

Best wishes for continued success,

Neil B. Gailmard, OD, MBA, FAAO
Chief Optometric Editor, Optometric Management