Optometric Management Tip # 454   -   Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Take the first step to success: delegate now!

In last week's tip article, I focused on the usual excuses doctors give for not delegating more. I hope I demonstrated that delegation of clinical testing to qualified technicians is a key factor in practice success. This is especially important for practices that see a high percentage of patients with vision plans. The best strategy is to begin to delegate even before it feels like it's actually needed.

The amount of delegation varies widely among practices today, but whether you are a minimal delegator or more advanced, nearly all practices can find new procedures that could be delegated. Increased delegation generally converts to increased profitability.

How to improve your delegation process
Let's start by looking at some clinical tests that are often not delegated, but easily could be. See if you delegate everything on this list and if not, speak with your staff and begin a plan to make it happen.

What steps to take next?
As you formulate a new delegation plan, consider these factors for your office.

Best wishes for continued success,

Neil B. Gailmard, OD, MBA, FAAO
Chief Optometric Editor, Optometric Management