Optometric Management Tip # 76   -   Wednesday, July 02, 2003
Reception is a tough job; needs training

One of the hardest jobs - and most important jobs - in the optometric practice is the receptionist position. This person can do wonders to help grow the practice and make it function more efficiently, or she can just as quickly hurt the practice reputation and cause patient volume to decline. Yet, when you think about it, this job position often receives the lowest wages, and receives the least training. When new receptionists are hired into a busy practice, to replace someone who quits, it's easy to let the fine details of the job slip.

This tip is to remind practice owners and office managers to pay attention to the receptionist's performance, and offer supportive training. As the person on the true front lines of the office, the receptionist should be a goodwill ambassador for the practice.

Here are a few points to consider: We could go on and on. Reception is a complex job that requires a pleasing personality and innate intelligence. If it seems like your receptionists can't possibly achieve the goals mentioned here, even with the best intentions, consider the possibility that your practice might need an additional employee.

Best wishes for continued success,

Neil B. Gailmard, OD, MBA, FAAO
Chief Optometric Editor, Optometric Management