Article Date: 3/1/2007

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What's new

Detect viral conjunctivitis
• The Adeno Detector Kit, from Wilson Ophthalmic, is an in-office, non-reagent test that enables you to diagnose viral conjunctivitis in 10 minutes, eliminating the need for an outside lab, the company says. This means you’ll be able to promptly identify a contagious individual and protect family members and other patients from contracting this eye condition. The kit includes one sample collector, one buffer vial and one instructional insert. Wilson Ophthalmic Phone: (800) 222-2020 Web:

Lubricant eye drops

• Optive, from Allergan, is an over-the-counter artificial tear that the company says works on the ocular surface and at the cellular level to give the patient longlasting relief from the symptoms of dry eye. The drops provide a lubricating and hydrating protective shield on the eye’s surface and penetrate below this surface to administer osmoprotection to the corneal and epithelial cells from hypertonic stress. Optive is formulated with Purite, a preservative that Allergan says dissolves into the natural tear components without resulting in ocular surface cellular damage. Purite has no allergenic, cytotoxic or irritating effects and in the bottle, meets the FDA’s standards for killing harmful fungi and bacteria, the company says. Optive comes in a multi-use bottle. Allergan Phone: (714) 246-4500 Web:

Calvin Klein ophthalmics
• Calvin Klein ophthalmics, from Marchon, feature three new “innovative and colorful” frames. They are:
• Ck5529 is a men’s fullrimmed rectangular frame made of zyl. It features three layers of color and square plates etched with the “ck” emblem on translucent zyl. Colors include brown with black, havana with ochre, light blue with green lime, orange with gray and black with white. This frame comes in size 52/16/140.
• Ck5530 is a women’s semirimless geometric frame made of zyl. It features three tonal colors and square plates etched with the “ck” emblem on translucent zyl. Colors include black with crystal, havana with pink, orchid with blue sky, striped bordeaux with turtle (a bordeaux and tan mix) and orange with striped yellow. This frame comes in size 50/17/135.
• Ck5138 is a unisex browwrapped frame that has a metal bridge containing “floating” rectangular lenses. It features the “ck” mini-logo etched on both temples. Colors include gunmetal, pastel hazelnut, light bronze, military green, lime green and aqua green. This frame comes in size 55/18/135. Marchon Eyewear Phone: (800) 645-1300 Web:

New sibling for Ellen Tracy Eyewear

• Ellen Tracy Eyewear, from Clear-Vision Optical, welcomes Vitreous, a women’s upswept zyl/metal combination frame. This rectangle frame features multiple laminate layer construction in contrasting colors that can be seen from the frame’s profile and a flat metal temple with a textured, polished tooled bead detail. Other features: the silver Ellen Tracy logo inside the left temple and a double action spring hinge. Colors include black laminate, brown laminate and plum laminate. Frame sizes are 50/17/130 and 52/17/135. ClearVision Optical Phone: (800) 645-3733 Web:

Optometric Management, Issue: March 2007