Article Date: 5/1/2007

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Five-megapixel camera detects retinal disease
• The nonmyd a-D 5Mega nonmydriatic Fundus Camera, from Kowa Optimed Inc., is a compact, all-in-one device that includes not only high-resolution imaging, but also a user-friendly interface, the company says.

The nonmyd a-D 5Mega non-mydriatic Fundus Camera includes high-resolution imaging and a user-friendly interface.

Other features:
• two photo angles: 45° and 20°
• a Firewire attachment for highspeed communication with the personal computer for plug-and-play ease
• a 5.6’ liquid-crystal display (LCD) monitor.
The nonmyd a-D 5Mega nonmydriatic Fundus Camera is ideal for use with notebook-style computers and Kowa’s VK2 Digital Imaging System, the company says.
Kowa Optimed, Inc.
Phone: (800) 966-5692

For detection of subtle corneal staining
• The Slit Lamp Yellow filter, from Gulden Ophthalmics, allows you to identify rigid GP lens fluorescein patterns, subtle corneal staining caused by solution interaction with hydrogel contact lenses and the link between patient symptoms and signs of dry-eye syndrome.
The filter is fit in a plastic frame and is set back to decrease filter damage and scratches.
In addition, the filter has an optional case you can attach to any slit lamp table for storage and easy access, the company says.
Gulden Ophthalmics
Phone: (800) 659-2250

Solution sales program makes product inventory obsolete
• Patient Direct, from Sauflon, is a patient retention program that enables you to derive profitable contact-lens solution sales without the need to inventory product in your practice, the company says.
To administer this program, dispense a Sauflon starter kit to your contact-lens patients. This kit includes a four-ounce bottle of the Sauflon One Step solution as well as a welcome letter and a preprinted “Patient Direct Membership” card. This card contains a specific I.D. number that identifies you as the patient’s practitioner.

The Patient Direct Membership card contains a specific I.D. number that identifies you as the patient’s practitioner.

Instruct patients to purchase their retail-size solution via the Patient Direct Web site (www.sauflonusa. com/patientdirect), toll-free order line or a re-order form included with their shipments. All profits from the purchases of the solution are then returned to the prescribing O.D.
Sauflon Pharmaceuticals
(800) 682-3240
Web site:

Fendi gets inspiration from belt buckle
• The Limited Edition Fendi BBuckle frame, from Marchon, was inspired by Fendi’s B-Buckle belt and bag, Marchon says. The women’s frame comes in two styles: FS382R, which is made of zyl, has a geometric shape and comes in size 64/14/120, and FS384R, which is made of zyl in a classic square shape and comes in size 63/16/120. Both styles feature antique amber gold finished eyelets and belt loops, made in metal and covered with rhinestones and rivets on the temples.

The Fendi B-Buckle frame was inspired by Fendi’s B-Buckle belt and bag.

Also, the Fendi “double “F” pattern is laser-printed down the frames’ amber gold prongs. In addition, stitching effects extend down the temples, creating the illusion of leather. Both styles are available in shiny black and brown.
Marchon Eyewear
Phone: (800) 645-1300

Optometric Management, Issue: May 2007