Article Date: 6/1/2007

O.D. Reveals Healthcare Secrets
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O.D. Reveals Healthcare Secrets

■ Bob Levoy, O.D., a well-known seminar speaker and author (and contributor to OM), has written, "222 Secrets of Hiring, Managing, and Retaining Great Employees in Healthcare Practices." Based on the research findings from a wide variety of health-care providers and office managers, the 322-page book provides advice and techniques for successfully recruiting, interviewing, compensating, managing, motivating, training, evaluating and retaining great employees in the clinical practice setting. The book offers action-steps as well as lessons learned and tested tips from real people in real practices. You can order the book from Jones and Bartlett Publishers at: (800) 832–0034 or go to http://

■ CooperVision has launched http://learn This free educational resource offers practitioners and staff contact-lens training and support and is designed to develop knowledge and hone skills on a broad range of topics, from contact lens basics to fitting advanced lens designs.
■ Essilor of America has acquired a majority stake in OOGP, one of the largest contact lens distributors in the United States. The purchase will add approximately $50 million to Essilor revenue.
■ J.D. Power and Associates Certified Call Center Program recognized 1–800 CONTACTS for its commitment to provide "An Outstanding Customer Service Experience." For certification status, a call center must perform within the top 20% of benchmarks established by J.D. Power. Examples of benchmarks: customer service representatives; general call center operations and problem resolution.
■ Results of a new Transitions Optical survey revealed a lack of awareness of UVand other risks to healthy sight and highlighted a need for education on preventive eye health. The global survey was conducted with more than 10,000 individuals. Transitions announced the results during the MIDO International Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Exhibition in Milan, Italy.
The Vision Care Institute of Johnson & Johnson has added a new address to its Web site,, where visitors can register, view the curriculum or take a virtual tour.
Carl Zeiss Vision and Transitions Optical are collaborating on a direct-to-consumer mail campaign, which will advertise the complementary benefits of Teflon Clear Coat Lenses and Transitions lenses — together in one pair of eyeglasses. Also, Carl Zeiss Vision and Transitions have recognized Kansas City Ophthalmics as the 2006 Carl Zeiss Vision Premier Transitions Lab. This annual award is given to the Carl Zeiss Vision Lab that demonstrates the strongest commitment to growing its business with Transitions lenses over the previous year.

Optometric Management, Issue: June 2007