Article Date: 10/1/2007


Mydriatic digital retinal camera

■ The CF-1 digital retinal camera, from Canon U.S.A., Inc., provides diagnostic information, while optimizing your workflow, the company says.

The device enables you to view pathology at a 50° angle, so you can obtain detailed images, and features three imaging modes: color, fluorescein angiography and red-free mode. In addition, it automatically performs such tasks as adjusting the chin rest and changing filters and offers a wide-range of pan and tilt movements.
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Phone: (800) 828-4040

The CF-1 digital retinal camera enables you to view pathology at a 50° angle.

Slim line pliers

■ The ErgoPro Slim line family of ophthalmic frame pliers, from Hilco, feature a spring action that places the jaws in a ready-to-use position and eliminates sticking and grinding; stainless steel-box joint construction combined with a non-slip cushion grip and short handles to meet the needs of various users, the company says.

The five pliers:

  • ErgoPro Slim line angling pliers. These are for pantoscopic angle adjustments, heavy bridge- and end-piece corrections.
  • ErgoPro Slim line nylon-gripping pliers. These are for endpieces, bridges and brow bars.
  • ErgoPro Slim line long snipe nose pliers. These are for pad-arm adjustment and thin, stainless-steel and titanium eye wear.
  • ErgoPro Slim line pad arm pliers. These are for screw-on, push-on and clip-on-type nose-pad assembly and adjustments.
  • ErgoPro Slim line double-narrow Pliers. These are for delicate-finished frames, bridge, endpiece and temple adjustment.
    Phone: (800) 955-6544

    The ErgoPro Slim Line family of ophthalmic frame pliers includes five pliers.

    Contact lens information kit

    ■ The "1 Day No Solution Solution Kit," from CooperVision, is an information kit designed to help you educate your patients on the main benefits of a daily-disposable lens. The kit includes a fitting set of ClearSight 1 Day contact lenses, an 18' × 24' promotional poster and a literature-display stand that comes with brochures that promote the 1 Day lenses.
    Phone: (800) 341-2020

    Fluorescein-like stain

    ■ Flura-Safe, from Accutome, Inc., is a large-molecule fluorescein-like stain that eliminates the need to irrigate eyes and allows you to trial fit patients in soft contact lenses without you or the patient having to worry about ruining the lenses, according to Accutome.

    You can also use the stain with the anesthetic Benoxinate for tonometry, foreign-body removal or to evaluate the cornea, the company says.
    Accutome, Inc.
    Phone: (800) 979-2020

    Upgradeable video magnifier

    ■ The SmartView Xtend, made by HumanWare and distributed by Eschenbach, is a software-upgradeable video magnifier. This means patients who initially purchase the basic model can upgrade to a module that contains additional features, such as magnification preset, via a software key, precluding the purchase of a whole new monitor/table unit. Aside from the basic SmartView Xtend, the device is also available in Modules 1, 2 and 3. All models come with an adjustable, built-in, flat-screen monitor and provide magnifications from 3x to 68x, depending on the monitor's size.
    Phone: (800) 487-5389

    Patients who initially purchase the basic model can upgrade to a module that contains additional features.

    Optometric Management, Issue: October 2007