Article Date: 11/1/2007

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Portable B-scan

■ The DGH 8000 Scanmate, from DGH Technology, is a portable B-Scan device that you can operate from your Windows XP or Windows Vista-enabled laptop or PC. The device offers a depth range of the displayed scan from 3cm, 5cm and 6cm up to 10cm and probe frequencies of 12MHz and 15 MHz. It also offers high-resolution, full-motion video loops and freeze-frame captures, the company says.

The DGH 8000 Scanmate offers high-resolution, full motion video loops and freeze-frame captures.

The instrument comes with a carrying case, probe holder, a software CD, free software upgrades, a manual and a six-foot cable that houses a USB 2.0 interface connector.
DGH Technology, Inc.
Phone: (800) 722-3883

Presbyopic daily disposable contact lens

■ Focus Dailies Progressives with AquaRelease, from Ciba Vision, are contact lenses that provide a balance of near, intermediate and distance vision to presbyopic patients, the company says. Also, the nelfilcon A lenses contain a sustained release, blink-activated moisturizing agent to provide initial and all-day comfort, Ciba Vision says.

Other features: an 8.6mm base curve, a 13.8mm diameter, a Dk/T of 26 and lens powers of +5.00D to -6.00D in 0.25D steps. The lens also has an effective add up to +3.00D.
Ciba Vision
Phone: (800) 348-9595

Optician tool kit

■ The Ready-To-Go Tool Kit, from OptiSource International, is a line of "hand-friendly" optical tools for adjusting and aligning all frame types, the company says.

The kit, which comes with a complementary stainless-steel display rack, is comprised of a:

OptiSource International
Phone: (800) 678-4768

The Ready-To-Go Tool Kit is comprised of 12 optical tools.

Presbyopic monthly CL

■ The Proclear Multifocal XR contact lens, from CooperVision, is a monthly lens that comes in sphere powers of +4.25D to +20.00D and -6.25D to -20.00D in ADD powers up to 2.50D. The lens is also available in sphere powers of +20.00D to -20.00D in 0.50D steps after +/-6.50D for the ADD powers of 3.00D, 3.50D and 4.00D.

Other features: an 8.7mm base curve, a 14.4mm diameter, CooperVision's Balanced Progressive Technology and Omafilcon A (high-water affinity) material.
Phone: (800) 341-2020

Nautica frames

■ The Nautica styles N610S and N7132 are frames for men, from Marchon. Style N610S is made of zyl plastic, has a modified rectangle shape and a modern carbon fiber or herringbone tweed look. It features temples with metal end-caps, spring hinges and a raised "J-class" logo. Colors include traditional black, tortoise and carbon blue (grayish blue).

The Nautica styles N610S and N7132 are frames for men, from Marchon.

Style N7132 has zyl plastic temples and temple tips, though a stainless-steel front to highlight its modified-rectangle shape. It features an embossed Nautica logo located in the middle of the temple and temple tips. Colors include pecan (brown), gunmetal, midnight (navy) and olive.
Marchon Eyewear
Phone: (800) 645-1300

Optometric Management, Issue: November 2007