Article Date: 11/1/2007

Put Patients at Ease Without Saying a Word

Put Patients at Ease Without Saying a Word

QUESTION: My clinical skills are as good as any optometrist's. Is there something else patients appreciate that will set me apart from the competition?

By Allan S. Tocker, O.D. Wilmington, Del.

Answer: Being a good listener is a valuable, though often neglected, communication skill for a doctor. Patients appreciate being heard, and your ability to listen well may help you become a better clinician.

Here's how to polish your listening skills:

When it's your turn to talk:

Remember, visiting a doctor's office can be stressful for patients. They may be worried about what you'll find. Good listening skills help solidify a strong doctor/patient relationship and allow you to become a supportive friend. nOD

A 1983 graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Dr. Tocker practices in Delaware at his offices in Wilmington, Newark and the New Castle Farmer's Market.

Optometric Management, Issue: November 2007