Article Date: 4/1/2008

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Sunwear for dry eye

■ 7Eye, from Panoptx is comprised of two series of sunwear that may alleviate the symptoms of dry eye. The sunwear blocks wind, dust and allergens from the eye, the company says. The two series: Seal Protection Factor (SPF)75, which provides wearers with 75% coverage through an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam air dam, and SPF100, which provides 100% protection via the company's patented removable Orbital Seal eyecup. The 7Eye series, which the company says helps consumers see all seven colors in the spectrum of visible light, is available in several lens prescriptions and provides 100% ultra-violet protection.
Phone: (925) 484-0292

The SPF100 provides 100% protection via Panoptx' patented removable Orbital Seal eyecup.

Viscoadaptive eye drops

■ Oasis Tears and Oasis Tears Plus, from Oasis Medical Inc., are viscoadaptive lubricant eye drops. The former is for mild to moderate dry-eye symptoms, while the later, which has double the amount of the viscoadaptive agent, is for moderate to severe dry-eye symptoms. Both products are glycerin-based (biocompatible) and provide relief via coating, lubricating and moistening ocular tissue. In addition, both eye drops are preservative-free and come in 30 sterile, disposable containers.
Oasis Medical
Phone: (800) 631-7180

AMD dietary supplement

■ EyePromise Restore, from ZeaVision LLC, is a dietary supplement for patients at risk for Age-related macular degeneration (AMD). It contains zeaxanthin and lutein — formulated in the same 2:1 ratio as found in the healthy macula's center. The supplement also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, mixed tocopherals, alpha lipoic acid, fish oil, zinc and vitamins C and E — nutrients that may play a protective role in the eye. The bottle contains 60 gel caps, representing a one- or two-month supply, depending on the dosage you recommend per day.
ZeaVision LLC
Phone: (866) 833-2800

Credit card-sized magnifier

■ The easyPocket, from Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc., is a 50 × 46mm aspheric/diffractive hybrid lens that is distortion-free and 3mm thick, the company says. The device, designed for low-vision patients, includes a surface mount device (SMD) light-emitting diode (LED) that has a built-in automatic contact mechanism and doesn't require replacement. A glass-fiber reinforced plastic case (available in black or silver) protects the device. The easy-Pocket is packaged in a box that slides open when the user pulls a tab located on the right side of the box.
Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc.
Phone: (800) 487-5389

easyPocket is a credit card-sized vision aid for low-vision patients.

Child-friendly combo tool

■ The combination occluder/fixation tools Model 15203 and Model 15204, from Gulden Ophthalmics, contain an occluder on one side and a colorful butterfly with flashing lights or a flashing light star on their other side, respectively. Both designs allow you to capture your young patients' attention, enabling you to obtain visual access to the eye's function during exams, the company says.
Gulden Ophthalmics
Phone: (800) 659-2250

Both combination tools enable you to capture your young patients' attention, Gulden says.

Optometric Management, Issue: April 2008