Article Date: 7/1/2008


Lubricating drop

■ Blink Contacts, from Advanced Medical Optics (AMO) is a lubricating eye drop designed for patients who experience dryness related to their rigid gas permeable (RGP) or soft lenses, including silicone hydrogel lenses.

The drops feature the company's non-sensitizing, peroxide-free Ocupure preservative. The preservative dissipates when exposed to light, the company says. In addition, blink Contacts improve tear break-up time and increase tear-film stability, AMO says.

Advanced Medical Optics
Phone: (714) 247-8200

Miniature readers

■ Clip&Read, from Eschenbach Optik, is a miniature pair of spectacles for presbyopic patients, available in 1.50D and 2.50D and in gray or red.

Weighing 3.3 grams, the spectacles contain miniature lenses and short, flexible temples that rest on the patient without any pressure points, the company says. The company supplies the miniature readers in a clip-on case that also contains a set of Velcro pieces (one fixed to the case) to attach to a digital camera, for instance. Or, the patient can use the case's hook to attach a lanyard (which is included) to a cell phone, for example.

Clip&Read miniature readers are available in 1.50D and 2.50D.

Eschenbach Optik
Phone: (800) 487-5389

Diagnostic lens

■ The H-R (high-resolution) Wide Field Laser Lens, from Volk Optical, is a distortion-free pan retinal lens for laser treatment and diagnosis of retinal abnormalities, such as lesions or tears.

The HR Wide Field Laser Lens provides .50x magnification for detection of retinal abnormalities.

The lens, which provides a .50x magnification and 2.0x laser spot magnification, combines the company's patented double aspheric glass design with low dispersion to provide a field of view that includes the ora serrata.

Volk Optical
Phone: (800) 345-8655

'Net Electronic health system

■ MediNotes Clinician Spring R2, from MediNotes, is Internet-based integrated electronic health record (EHR)/practice management software.

It features e-prescribing, patient portals (patient-chart viewing) and kiosks (visit-specific check-in forms), image management and a payments link, so you can view the patient's current balance. Also, the software contains electronic billing of secondary claims to commercial plans, an inventory module and an activity detail report to group health insurance companies together according to carrier, so you can keep track of fees and reimbursement profiles.

MediNotes Corporation
Phone: (877) 633-6683

Emilio Pucci sunwear

■ The Emilio Pucci styles EP603S and EP609S, are sunwear for women, from Marchon.

Style EP603S has a rounded square shape and is made of zyl plastic. It features a metal plaque (with keyhole accent) that's engraved with the Pucci name on the left temple. It's available in colors ebony, tortoise, turquoise, burgundy and bronze.

Style EP608S, one of four styles that comprise the Emilio Pucci sunwear line, is offset by an oval, vertical Pucci logo button.

Style EP608S has an over-size circle shape and is made of a combination of metal and zyl plastic. It features temples off set by an oval, vertical Pucci logo button. Colors include ebony, white, brown, turquoise, burgundy and bronze. The color of the design on the frame compliments the frame color.

Marchon Eyewear
Phone: (800) 645-1300

Optometric Management, Issue: July 2008