Article Date: 9/1/2008


Customized sunwear

■ iZon Gray Sun Lenses, from Ophthonix, Inc., are customized sunglass lenses that youprescribe after using the company's Z-View Wavefront aberrometer to determine the patient's optical fingerprint. The lenses feature a three-layer lens manufacturing process to ensure the lens color won't fade.

In addition, the lenses block 100% ultra-violet A (UVA) and B rays and have a scratch resistant, anti-reflective and super hydrophobic coating. You can prescribe the lens for patients who have myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia.

Ophthonix Inc.
Phone: (760) 842-5600

Mydriatic children's spectacles

■ Kids-Myds, from Wilson Ophthalmic, are post-mydriatic spectacles for children that are available in two styles: flat slip-ins, designed for children who already wear spectacles, and full spectacles with assorted colored temple pieces, such as purple.

Kids-Myds are available in either flat slip-ins or full spectacles.

Both styles offer 100% ultra-violet B (UVB) protection. The full spectacles offer 96% UVA protection, while the flat slip-in design offers 100% UVA protection.

Wilson Ophthalmic
Phone: (800) 222-2020

Lubricant eye drops

■ Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops, from Alcon, offer relief to patients who have mild, moderate and severe dry eye via its pre-gelled composition, which provides extended protection to the eye's surface, the company says.

Systane Ultra lubricant eye drops are for all degrees of dry eye.

This enhanced version of Systane, which like its sibling is preserved with Polyquad, is available in two sizes: a 10ml bottle and a Home & Away Pack, which includes both a 10ml and a 5ml bottle.

Phone: (800) 862-5266

Travel size solutions

■ Clear Care and AQuify Multi-Purpose Solutions, from CIBA Vision, are now available in travel-size two ounce bottles. Both solutions comply with the Transportation Security Administration's requirements for liquids in carry-on baggage, the company says.

In addition, lens cases are included with both travel-size products to encourage patient compliance with your recommended lens care regimen, CIBA vision says.

CIBA Vision
Phone: (800) 468-2422


■ The Silver Plus finishing system, from Briot, offers built-in tracing, blocking andedging. Specifically, it features a multi-axis tracer that measures the frame's height, length and curve, while it analyzes the frame's thickness to ensure an accurate lens fit. Also, the device has a full-size screen display, enabling you to verify the size of the uncut lens to the frame shape, the company says.

Other features: safety beveling, grooving, bevel polishing a 300-job memory and simple and accurate blocking, Briot says.

Phone: (800) 292-7468

The Silver Plus finishing system has a 300-job memory.

Corneal reshaping lens

■ The Paragon RG-4, from Paragon Vision Sciences, is the company's latest corneal reshaping therapy (CRT) lens. The four-curve reverse geometry (RG) design lens is manufactured in Paragon HDS (Hyperpurified Delivery System) 100, which the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved for overnight corneal reshaping.

In addition, the lens contains laser marks for immediate parameter identification and is plasma treated for patient comfort. To obtain certification in empirically fitting this lens using the diagnostic fitting set, contact Paragon Vision Sciences.

Paragon Vision Sciences
Phone:(800) 528-8279
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Optometric Management, Issue: September 2008