Article Date: 10/1/2008


Mounted binocular telescope

■ The Mirage mounted binocular telescope, from Eschenbach Optik, provides 7x magnification, facilitating extended-distance viewing tasks, such as watching TV. In addition, it enables the user to focus each eye individually from 6' to infinity and provides a 9° field of view via its wide, 30mm objective lenses, which contain an anti-reflective coat.

The Mirage mounted binocular telescope provides 7x magnification and an adjustable frame.

Also, the device features an adjustable frame (with an open saddle bridge) that enables the wearer to mount the lenses in a low or high position with varying pupillary distances.

Eschenbach Optik
Phone: (800) 487-5389

Dispensary system integration

■ i.Terminal — a dispensary system — from Carl Zeiss Vision, now interfaces with maximEyes — a paperless practice management and electronic medical records (EMR) software — from First Insight.

This integration enables you to automatically transfer fitting measurement data into the patient's electronic medical record, decreasing the amount of manual data entry, streamlining the lens ordering process and increasing throughput in the dispensary, Carl Zeiss Vision says.

For further information regarding i.Terminal, visit$File/i.Term_Sell_Sheet.pdf. For more information about maximEyes, visit

Carl Zeiss Vision
Phone: (800) 358-8258

High index lens line

■ The 1.71 index Semi Finished Single Vision line, from Polycore Optical, has a high tensile strength (52.9 kgf), facilitating drill mounting. In addition, it features a high abbe value (36) and a specific gravity of 1.41.

The lens line is available in the following 11 base curves: 0.25, 1.50, 2.25, 3.00, 4.50, 5.25, 6.00, 7.00, 7.75, 8.75, 11.00.

Polycore Optical
Phone: (888) 645-7788

Sanitized tonometer tip covers

■ The sanitized tonometer tip covers, from Wilson Ophthalmic, are designed to fit Reichert Inc.'s TonoPen I, II and XL model tips, the company says.

The sanitized tonometer tip covers are disinfected by gamma radiation.

The latex tip covers are disinfected by gamma radiation and individually packaged 220 per box.

Wilson Ophthalmic
Phone: (800) 222-2020

Optical display panels

■ Fusion Panels, from (a division of Eye Designs), are wall-mounted curved display panels that feature a white, non-reflective pebble finish to create a neutral background that highlights your frames, the company says.

The Fusion Panels are self-spacing, and you can mount them in array of configurations.

The panels — available in either a five-frame or 15-frame size — are self-spacing, and you can mount them in an array of configurations, such as a staggered look, to create a unique presentation. Also, Fusion Panels come with the company's Versa Wave Locking Frame Holders and Versa Wave non-locking frame holders.
Phone: (610) 489-7620

Eye nutritional support

■ ProDHA Eye, from Nordic Naturals, is a blend of fish oil (a source of a high concentration of docosahexanoic acid), lutein and zeaxanthin — all of which research has shown play roles in eye health.

The product, which doesn't contain gluten, yeast, milk derivatives or artificial colors or flavors, is available in 60 soft gels.

Nordic Naturals
Phone: (800) 662-2544

Optometric Management, Issue: October 2008