Article Date: 3/1/2009


External eye speculum

■ The Spec-Tac, from Wilson Ophthalmic, is a single-use external eye speculum that adheres to the outside of the eyelids. The tool keeps the eyelids wide open and the eyelashes out of way when you're conducting retinal imaging, corneal topography, wave-front mapping, visual field testing, nerve fiber analysis and foreign-body removal, among other ophthalmic duties.

The Spec-Tac keeps the eyelids wide open and the eyelashes out of the way.

Wilson Ophthalmic
Phone: (800) 222-2020

Stye treatment

■ The Stye Care kit, from EyeEco, is comprised of one foam-lined eye patch with strap; one moisture pad for hot water soaking; two of the company's Thermoeyes instant and removable heat gel packs; a sample of EyeEco's OcuSoft Lid Scrub Plus and a wash bag. The kit is ideal for on-the-go patients who don't have the time to sit immobilized with warm compresses covering their eyes. The patch generates approximately 100° of moist heat for 10 to 12 minute intervals, helping to resolve the stye, while relieving symptoms, such as itchiness, the company says.

EyeEco Inc.
Phone: (888) 730-7999, ext. 702

Paging software

■ The Enterprise 101 paging software, from InterPage L.P., enables you to send pre-defined or custom alphanumeric messages to an individual pager, groups of pagers, wide-area pagers, cell phones, PDAs or any e-mail-addressable device within two seconds, the company says. You can send messages on the fly or on a scheduled basis. Further, all the messages you send are stored with a date and time stamp to address HIPAA compliance issues.

InterPage L.P.
Phone: (800) 992-1000

Reverse geometry GP lens

■ The Zenith RG, from Lensco, is a large diameter (10.8mm through 11.5mm) reverse geometry GP contact lens. Using a large diameter lens with reverse geometry enables you to improve your lens fitting success with post-refractive surgery patients and those who have irregular cornea lens decentration, the company says. The lens is available in reverse curves of 2.00D, 3.00D and 4.00D, offers a power range of +20.00D to -20.00D and comes in a fitting set of 21 lenses.

The Zenith RG is ideal for post-refractive surgery patients and those who have irregular cornea lens decentration.

Phone: (800) 528-1175

Calvin Klein frame

■ The Calvin Klein style 7722 is one of five members of the Calvin Klein Spring 2009 Eyewear Collection, from Marchon. The thickrimmed women's frame is made of zyl plastic and has a soft rectangle shape. In addition, 7722 features the Calvin Klein logo plaque with an individual sparkling rhinestone. Colors include garnet (deep red), graphite, aubergine (dark purple), tobacco and lapis (stone). The Spring Collection boasts another women's style (7206), a unisex sunwear style (7306S) and two men's styles (7725 and 7410).

Calvin Klein style 7722 is a women's frame that features an individual sparkling rhinestone.

Marchon Eyewear
Phone: (800) 645-1300

Parameter expansion

■ The Avaira contact lens, from CooperVision, has expanded its parameters from -0.25D to -6.00D to -0.25D to -12.00 D (in 0.50D steps above -6.00D). The enfilcon A daily wear two-week replacement lens features an aberration neutralizing system and the company's Aquaform technology. Other features: a 0.5MPa modulus; an 8.5mm base curve; a 14.2mm diameter; a DK/T of 125; a DK of 100; 46% water content and UV blockage. Avaira comes in a six-lens pack or a three-lens trial carton.

Phone: (800) 341-2020

Optometric Management, Issue: March 2009