Article Date: 6/1/2009

Tecnis<sup>®</sup> Multifocal IOL and Blink<sup>®</sup> Tears — Premium Technologies

Tecnis® Multifocal IOL and Blink® Tears — Premium Technologies

The Tecnis® multifocal IOL is the first and only pupil independent, non-apodized fully diffractive aspheric lens designed to correct the two highestorder aberrations, spherical and chromatic. Reducing these aberrations improves image quality and restores youthful vision.

Three visco-adaptive formulas from the company that brings you Healon®

Blink® Tears Lubricating Eye Drops clinically proven to improve tear film stability and provide longer-lasting relief. More effective than Systane® Drops when used concomitantly with Restasis® Drops and has significantly less blur and ocular burning. Patients significantly preferred Blink® Tears vs. Systane® Drops with greater than 60-minute retention time.

Blink GelTears® Lubricating Eye Drops provides all the advantages of Blink® Tears in a more viscous formula. This formula provides enhanced comfort for moderate-to-severe dry eye with greater than 70-minute retention time — for day and nighttime use. Clinically proven to show superior comfort vs. Refresh Liquigel® Lubricant Eye Drops.

Blink® Tears Preservative-Free Lubricating Eye Drops ideal for the pre-and postcataract and refractive surgery patient and for those patients with sensitive eyes.


  1. Tecnis® multifocal foldable acrylic intraocular lens, package insert; Santa Ana, CA., Advanced Medical Optics, Inc.
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