Article Date: 7/1/2009


Digital acuity chart

■ The ClearChart2 Digital Acuity System, from Reichert, Inc. features sine-wave grating contrast sensitivity testing; three calibrated light levels for contrast sensitivity and ETDRS testing and pediatric fixation animation with sound. Other attributes: patient education slides for efficient doctor/patient communication, red/green color tones (adjustable for compatibility with any refraction system), a 19-inch LCD screen, a remote control and wall-mount capability.

Reichert Inc.
Phone: (716) 686-4500

The ClearChart2 Digital Acuity System offers pediatric fixation animation with sound, among other features.

Lens for astigmatism

The Biofinity Toric Contact Lens, from CooperVision, is a comfilcon A, silicone hydrogel monthly replacement lens that is FDA-approved for both daily and extended wear. It features a proprietary ballast design (to improve lens stability and decrease rotation) and Aquaform technology, which creates a wettable lens material, the company says. Other attributes: a water content of 48%, a Dk/t of 116, an 8.7mm base curve; a 14.5mm diameter; sphere powers from plano to -6.00D; cylinder powers of -0.75D, -1.25D, and -1.75D and a 10° to 180° axis in 10° steps.

Phone: (800) 341-2020

Keratoconus lens

■ ClearKone, from SynergEyes, Inc. is a hybrid contact lens for keratoconus patients. It features a patent-pending design that vaults over the vast majority of ectasias without bearing to ensure corneal surface integrity, and a reverse geometry landing system, the company says. Also, the centration and stability of the hybrid platform keeps the optics centered over the visual axis, regardless of the cone's location to successfully reduce aberrations, SynergEyes Inc. says.

SynergEyes Inc.
Phone: (877) 733-2012

Head loupe

■ The Megaview head loupe, from Tech Optics International, is available in two models. One offers 2X, 2.5X and 3X interchangeable power lenses. The other offers the same powers in addition to a monocular 4X lens and illuminated-angle-adjustable three LED lights with rechargeable batteries. Both models have clear optics, a super-wide field of view and a hoodless design, the company says.

Tech Optics International
Phone: (800) 678-4277

The Megaview head loupe has a hoodless design, providing peripheral vision.

Non air-puff tonometer

■ The iCare tonometer, from iCare Finland Oy, obtains intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements via rebound technology, not an air puff. The device's single-use probe touches the cornea. The device allows for repeat measurements and averages the readings; uses four AA batteries and doesn't require anesthetic or fluorescent dyes.

ICare Finland Oy
Phone: (888) 422-7313

The iCare tonometer employs a light probe to make brief contact with the cornea to obtain IOP measurements.

Diagnostic lens

■ The High Resolution Extreme (HRX) field Vit Lens, from Volk Optical Inc., enables viewing of retinal pathologies to the ora serrata via a 150° field of view for peripheral visualization at .43X image magnification. Also, the high-index glass-constructed lens' patented double aspheric design maintains linear image magnification and clarity across the entire field of view, the company says.

Volk Optical Inc.
Phone: (800) 345-8655

Optometric Management, Issue: July 2009