Article Date: 8/1/2009


Digital retinal camera

■ The CR-1 Mark II digital nonmydriatic retinal camera, from Canon U.S.A., offers a full 45° viewing angle and a low-flash intensity, which minimizes pupil contraction. Also, the camera comes with PCbased Retinal Image Control software, providing fast input and access — via a graphical interface — to all information and images needed to assist in diagnosis. And, you can save data to various external media. The Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM) standard- compliant interface facilitates integration with select PACS and HIS network configurations.

Canon U.S.A.
Phone: (800) 652-2666

The CR-1 Mark II digital non-mydriatic retinal camera enables 45° views and minimizes pupil contraction.

Optical dispensing furniture

■ The Ovation collection of contemporary dispensing furnishings, from Fashion Optical Displays, is now available in bamboo. The bamboo style features optional locking frame displays and dispensing stations that have soft-curved lines to help create a light, spacious dispensing environment, the company says. Further, the rolling credenza provides convenient storage for frames, among other optical supplies, Fashion Optical Displays says.

Fashion Optical Displays
Phone: (800) 824-4106

The bamboo Ovation collection includes a rolling credenza for convenient storage of frames, among other optical supplies.

Glaucoma software

■ MatchedFlicker, a Windows compatible software from EyeIC, brings time-series retinal photographs to life as motion for comparison purposes to help you monitor glaucoma and provide patient education. After your evaluations, you can mark the changes on the Flicker and on the images, and the software translates the markings to the appropriate location on all other images in the same project. Also, MatchedFlicker saves all images and annotations in an electronic format.

Phone: (800) 676-7204

Multi-use video magnifier

■ The TVi compact video magnifier, from Eschenbach Optik, offers up to 18x of magnification on a 14-inch TV screen. Just plug the device — which resembles a computer mouse — into the TV, and move it over the desired text (its camera is located underneath) to project the enlarged image in color, black on white or white on black. Patients can also use the TVi for writing checks, shaving, applying make-up, etc. by lifting it and projecting its camera on the desired object.

Eschenbach Optik
Phone: (800) 487-5389

Automatic lensmeter

■ The LM-600 automatic lensmeter, from Marco, employs the Hartmann Shack Principle, using 108 points of data within the nosepiece. This provides increased accuracy, fast measurements and reliability, Marco says. The result: You can instantly determine the add power of a progressive lens, Marco says. Other features: automatic lens type detection; prism lens measurement; a green measurement light for high index lenses; and a built-in IC card reader. The LM-600P device includes all these features as well as a highspeed printer.

Phone: (800) 874-5274

The LM 600 automatic lensmeter enables you to instantly determine the add power of a progressive lens, Marco says.

Optometric Management, Issue: August 2009