Article Date: 11/1/2009

what's new

what's new


Punctal occluder

■ The Micro Flow, from Odyssey Medical, is a punctal occluder designed for patients in whom you feel total punctal occlusion is too aggressive and those who experience punctal stenosis-caused epiphora. Specifically, the device provides a reversible means of partial occlusion by restricting tear drainage from the lacrimal duct. Micro Flow is available in small, medium and large and comes in either a sterile preloaded package (one pair per box) or a non-sterile bulk package (five pairs per box).

The Micro Flow restricts tear drainage from the lacrimal duct.

Odyssey Medical
Phone: (888) 905-7770

Internet document management

■ eBridge Solutions 4.0, from eBridge Solutions, is a web-based document management system designed for the optical industry. Specifically, the system enables you to scan and label your documents from any computer with Internet access using up to seven index values you customize. In addition, you can retrieve your documents using these index values or by keyword search, such as patient name or insurance policy number.

eBridge Solutions
Phone: (877) 676-6067

Digital fundus camera

■ The TRC-NW7SF Mark II, from Topcon Medical Systems, Inc., is a digital fundus camera that recently received FDA approval. The device includes both mydriatic and non-mydriatic functions that enable you to obtain images through an undilated pupil, the company says. You can use the device to perform an array of documentation and diagnostic procedures, such as intravenous fluorescein angiography as well as non-mydriatic full-color retinal screening for glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, among other ocular diseases.

Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.
Phone: (866) 922-6278


■ The Proxima Edging System, from AIT Industries, is a patternless edger for labs of all sizes that can process all lens materials with the latest coating technologies, the company says. It includes beveling, safety beveling, grooving, polishing and automatic drilling. As a result, it reduces the number of steps required to process eyewear — thereby decreasing mistakes — while saving you space, AIT industries says.

The patternless edger bevels, safety bevels, grooves, polishes and automatically drills.

AIT Industries
Phone: (800) 729-1959

TV glasses

■ The Task-Vision TV glasses, from Tech Optics International, are comprised of a binocular telescope system that enables patients to view television "from 10 feet to infinity with clarity," the company says. The hands-free head-mounted glasses provide 2.0X magnification and, thus, can be used for other events and activities, in which magnification is desired. To adjust the magnification of each lens, the patient or caregiver uses a dialing system.

Tech Optics International
Phone: (856) 795-8595

product notes

• Early M&S Technologies' Smart System 2020 visual acuity system now offers Polarization testing, allowing you to test binocular balancing, fixation disparity and suppression.

Super SaniCloth Germicidal Disposable Wipes, from Professional Disposables International, Inc., have received the Environmental Protection Agency's ok to say they can kill Acinetobacter baumannii, campylobacter jejuni and Influenza A (H1N1) virus in addition to their ability to kill 22 other microorganisms, including Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureaus.

Compulink developers of Compulink Advantage EMR and Practice Management solutions, has officially completed the Marco EMR Certification program. This means that Compulink products will integrate with Marco products.

Optometric Management, Issue: November 2009