Article Date: 12/1/2009

what's new

what's new


Digital imaging for slit lamp

■ The Huvitz HIS-5000 clinical imaging solution, from Veatch Ophthalmic Instruments, is comprised of an integrated digital camera and accompanying imaging software for your slit lamp. The digital camera allows you to capture both anterior and posterior segment images, and the imaging software enables you to archive images and includes a networkable database.

The Huvitz HIS-5000's universal C mount design is compatible with most Galilean-style binocular optical systems.

Veatch Ophthalmic Instruments
Phone: (800) 447-7511

Telescopic magnifier

■ The MaxDetail Clip, from Eschenbach Optik, is an 0.8 ounce telescopic magnifier that attaches to prescription eyewear. It offers 2x magnification, a 16-inch working distance, a 13° field of view, a pupillary distance range of 62mm to 70mm and five vertical lens heights from which to choose.

Also, the patient can flip the lenses out of the way via its hinged clip mechanism when they're not needed.

The MaxDetail Clip attaches to a patient's prescription eyewear and offers 2X magnification.

Eschenbak Optik
Phone: (800) 487-5389

Toric multifocal contact lens

■ The C-VUE Advanced Toric Multifocal, from Unilens Vision, is a monthly replacement lens that offers made-to-order base curves, diameters, powers and cylinders combined with an axis in 1° steps. In addition, you can specify individual ADD powers and zone sizes. The lens is comprised of hioxifilcon D material, which the company says allows it to retain 97% of its moisture.

Unilens Vision Inc.
Phone: (800) 446-2020

Wavefront short-corridor PAL

■ The Varilux Physio Short progressive addition lens (PAL), from Essilor of America Inc., is comprised of Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement (W.A.V.E.) Technology, which Essilor scientists used to identify and eliminate areas of distortion. The result: a PAL design that offers a wide distance zone and sharp vision.

Essilor of America, Inc.
Phone: (800) 843-3937

Child-friendly eye patches

■ The Orthoptic Eye Patch line, from Wilson ophthalmic, is a series of adhesive occlusion patches available in five colors and nine childfriendly designs, such as ladybugs, stars and flames. Each features an ultra-thin black layer for complete occlusion while still providing breathability and eyelash comfort. The line comes in two sizes.

Wilson Ophthalmic
Phone: (800) 222-2020

product notes

CooperVision's Proclear 1 Day disposable contact lens now comes in the sphere power range of +8.00D to -12.00D. The lens is comprised of omafilcon A, a lens material with an FDA-cleared indication associated with improved comfort for wearers who experience mild symptoms of drynessr. Visit for more information.

• At the recent meetings of the Academy of Ophthalmology and the Academy of Optometry, Topcon ( exhibited new diagnostic and imaging products, including:

3D OCT 2000, which, compared to the 3D OCT-1000, enhances the user's ability to visualize large areas of the macula and the optic nerve
► The iTrace optical analyzer
► The EyeRoute image management suite, software for image management and image sharing through desktop, web and iPhone modalities
EyeRoute iPhone application
► The CA-200 corneal analyzer

• The Tech-Optics International 2010 Professional Catalog is now available. The catalog includes an array of low vision products, such as hand and stand magnifiers, specialty loupes and binoculars. To obtain a free catalog, visit, or call (800) 678- 4277.

Optometric Management, Issue: December 2009