Article Date: 3/1/2010

what's new

what's new


Moisturizing Eyelid Spray

■ Tears Again advanced Liposome Spray by OCuSOFT is an eyelid spray that can benefit patients suffering from meibomian gland dysfunction. The spray, which contains antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E, and liposomes, enhances moisture absorption and lubricates the eyelid to prevent moisture loss. Contact OCuSOFT for a trial evaluation.
Phone: 800-233-5469

Varilux Enhanced Lenses

■ Technology 2, the next generation of Essilor of America's Varilux Physio lens design sharpens vision, even in low light conditions. The new W.A.V.E Technology 2 manages distortions caused by pupil size due to age, patient prescription, light conditions, and viewing distance. Varilux Physio Enhanced lenses also reduce eye strain and swim. The lenses are available at all fitting heights of 14 to 25+ mm and are dual-side digitally surfaced.
Essilor of America
Phone: 1-800-THE-EYES

Handle and Charger Indicate Battery Level

■ The BETA L Handle by Heine is a battery level indicator handle, which features an LED Indicator to display battery life. The indicator also features a Li-Ion Battery that will power instruments for over two and a half hours. The NT 300 Charger visually displays the charge status of your handles, and it will turn off to conserve power once your handle is fully charged. When the BETA L is removed from the charger, it will return to its previously selected brightness level.
Phone: 800-367-4872

Segmented Bifocal Lenses

■ The Bi Expert Segmented Bifocal lens, by Blanchard Contact Lens, Inc., utilizes patented technology that creates a uniform thin edge and enhances initial patient comfort. The Bi Expert unique non-truncated inverse edge fits the lower eyelid for natural translation, delivering immediate visual clarity and comfort.
Blanchard Contact Lens, Inc.
Phone: 800-367-4009

Optometric Management, Issue: March 2010