Article Date: 4/1/2010

what's new

what's new


LED replacement light

■ Vivid Light from IntraVista Medical Systems, Inc. is a warm color LED replacement light for your slit lamp biomicroscope that requires no modification for standard instruments. It significantly reduces heat, infrared and ultraviolet light, minimizing ocular dryness during examination, the company says. The light is available for both AC and DC power supplies and comes in a strobe model as well to reduce motion for imaging.

IntraVista Medical Systems, Inc.
Phone: (888) 318-8896

Visual acuity system

■ The Huvitz HDC-7000 Visual Acuity System, from Veatch Ophthalmic Instruments, offers 41 standard charts, including binocular balance, aniseikonia, stereopsis and binocular fusion. In addition, it provides calibration for exam distances from eight to 20 feet and is programmable to facilitate retrieval of the most common charts. Further, the device's random display function makes patient memorization impossible, the company says. The HDC-7000 is compatible with the company's CDR-3100 and the HDR-7000 Digital Refraction Systems.

The HDC-7000 offers 41 standard charts and is programmable to facilitate chart retrieval.

Veatch Opthalmic Instruments
Phone: (800) 447-7511


■ The RT-700 Illuminated Refractor, from Marco, features white prism, accessory and cross-cylinder scales to facilitate practitioner recognition in dark conditions. Other attributes of the device include a “wing-grip” design for easy maneuverability and soft, smooth knurled knobs to make adjustments comfortable and effortless, Marco says.

The RT-700 provides white prism, accessory and crosscylinder scales.

Marco Ophthalmic
Phone: (800) 874-5274

Rimless reader line

■ The rimless reader line, from Eschenbach, is available in six different colored temples (silver, gold, gunmetal, blue, red and green) and in an oval or rectangular frame style. In addition, the line comes in seven different magnification options from 1.00D to 4.00D to provide all your presbyopic patients with the vision they need for their near tasks, such as reading prescriptions and cell phone screens. Further, a 14-piece display (with mirror) is available to showcase these products in your dispensary.

Phone: (800) 487-5389


The CA (corneal analyzer) −200 Placido-based topographer, from Topcon Medical Systems Inc., consists of 24 rings on a 43D cone, covers 0.3mm to 10.5mm of the cornea, and its diopter range is 1.00D to 120D. In addition, the device automatically determines the pupil's diameter during every eye measurement and selects the best-focused image. The CA-200 can operate sans external PC, as it comes with an eight-inch LCD touch screen display. Also, it includes Wi-Fi for connectivity.

Topcon Medical Systems Inc.
Phone: (866) 922-6278

The CA-200 consists of 24 rings on a 43D cone and covers 0.3mm to 10.5mm of the cornea.

Optometric Management, Issue: April 2010