Article Date: 8/1/2010

Simplify IOP Testing
Instrumental Focus

Simplify IOP Testing

Tonometer provides comfort and quick and accurate pressure readings


Many patients and O.D.s agree that tonometry is the part of the eye exam they dread. Patients detest the sensation of the tip or blunt air puff on their eye's surface, and we, as O.D.s, aren't fond of inflicting this discomfort or having to repeat testing as a result of discomfort-caused resistance to testing. I've found, however, that the NT-510 Non-Contact Tonometer, from Marco, Inc., solves these problems in addition to providing fast and accurate measurements and user-friendly features.

Customized air puff

The device features an Automatic Puff Control system. Specifically, this system measures intraocular pressure (IOP) with a minimal air puff and adjusts the strength of each subsequent air puff to the first-obtained IOP measurement. Further, the NT-510 Non-Contact Tonometer features an automatic shut-off component, which immediately ends the air puff once the test is finished.

Due to this customized air puff, I've found that my patients are less apprehensive about tonometry, and they no longer wince during testing or completely resist testing. This, in turn, has resulted in a decrease in the amount of required re-testing — expediting exam time.

Automated and consistent

The NT-510 Non-Contact Tonometer further ensures the accuracy of IOP measurements through its auto-tracking setting. This setting instantly aligns your patient properly. Then, the auto-measurement function immediately acquires a precise IOP measurement. I know it's precise because when obtaining a patient's IOP measurement three consecutive times, very little, if any, fluctuation occurs in the results. As a result, if I'm only able to get one IOP measurement on this device, I feel confident in the reliability of that number.

The device's simplified testing not only reduces the potential for inaccuracy from improper alignment on behalf of the operator, but also chair time for your patients — something they appreciate greatly.

NT-510 Non-Contact Tonometer

HEIGHT: 17.9 inches
WIDTH: 10.2 inches
DEPTH: 18.9 inches
WEIGHT: 42 lbs
COST: Contact Marco for pricing


The NT-510's several automated components aren't the only features that make it user-friendly, and therefore, easy to incorporate into your practice. It also includes a vertically adjustable motorized chin-rest for optimum patient positioning with a safety lock to protect against accidental patient contact. Also, it includes a color LCD screen, which displays IOP measurements in a straightforward manner and adjusts to a number of viewing angles. And, it has a built-in printer, so you can print the results directly from its LCD color screen. Finally, it includes a plug-in-play interface for data transfer.

The NT-510 Non-Contact Tonometer's customized air puff, automation and consistency and additional user-friendly characteristics have taken the dread out of IOP measurement acquisition for my patients, my staff and myself. Now, if only non-stinging dilating drops existed. OM


Optometric Management, Issue: August 2010