Article Date: 8/1/2010

what's new

what's new


Gonio lens

■ The G-6, from Volk Optical, is a 1.0x magnification gonio lens with six 63° equally angled mirrors, enabling a 360° view of the anterior segment. During the glaucoma screening, two mirrors are aligned in the superior and inferior regions, while the other four mirrors provide a continuous view through the nasal and temporal regions. The no flange/no fluid design lens comes with a ring or a two-in-one adjustable handle to create a straight or 45°-angled grip.

Volk Optical
Phone: (800) 345-8655

Made-to-order lens

■ The Flexlens product line, from X-Cel Contacts (a Walman Company) now includes a monthly modality. Flexlenses are soft lenses that the company offers in made-to-order designs and parameters. Order fulfillment time on any Flexlens product (either standard or in specialty) is from one to two working days.

X-Cel Contacts
Phone: (800) 241-9312


■ The Keeler applanation contact tonometer (KAT), from Keeler Instruments, uses the Gold-mann method of measuring IOP, employing a prism mounted on the tonometer head and placed against the cornea. The device is compatible with most slit lamps, the company says, and comes in a guide plate mounted "T" type or optical body post-mounted "R" type.

Keeler Instruments
Phone: (800) 523-5620

Strobe glasses

■ Strobe glasses, from MJ Impulse Specialty Eyewear Company, are strobing glasses that stress, or load, the visual perceptual, visual motor and visual proprioceptive systems during training. This gives the athlete a competitive edge, the company says. Specifically, the glasses help athletes achieve enhanced visual concentration, eye-hand coordination and proprioceptive balance, the MJ Impulse Specialty Eyewear Company, says.

MJ Impulse Specialty Eyewear Company
Phone: (877) 700-9328

product notes

Luneau Technology has merged with Briot International. Luneau Technology specializes in ophthalmic diagnosis systems based on wave-front technology.
● The AT50A0 and AT52A0 Crystalens accommodating intraocular lens (A0) models, from Bausch + Lomb, are now available in quarter diopter steps in the 18 to 22 range. Visit for more information.
Carl Zeiss Vision's Laboratory network is the only provider of NXT prescription lenses (Intercast Europe) via both its national lab network and wholesale labs. This makes NXT a member of Carl Zeiss Vision's PrescripSun portfolio.
ABB CONCISE now offers a sales brochure for its standard, multifocal and irregular corneal design lenses, so you can provide the best design. Visit
The SynergEyes Multifocal lens, from SynergEyes, Inc., now includes a peripheral-blend modification, which slightly flattens the lens at the RGP periphery and the soft skirt to create a less-pronounced landing zone across a broad area of the peripheral cornea. Visit

Optometric Management, Issue: August 2010