Article Date: 3/1/2011

activEHR™ - Platform for the Future

activEHR™ - Platform for the Future

An EHR system that can help you grow your prctice? Bet you didn't see that coming

In today's climate, making the move to an Electronic Health Record is becoming increasingly important. But adopting one that merely records your findings simply isn't enough. That's why we created activEHR™, the most comprehensive EHR system ever created for eye care practitioners. By integrating Business, Optical and Clinical modules, activEHR™ offers much more than just streamlined workflow and recordkeeping. It also delivers advanced features such as point-of-care clinical decision support, a powerful e-prescribing interface, and a fully-integrated Kowa image management system with advanced drawing tools, annotations and more. It's everything you need to boost your efficiency-and your practice.

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Table of Contents

1) An EHR for How You Really Work
2) Improving Patient Care and Running a Better Business With EHR

Optometric Management, Issue: March 2011