Article Date: 5/1/2011

For Your Patients and Practice
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For Your Patients and Practice

Head mounted perimeter

■ The NovaVision HMP (Head-Mounted Perimetry) provides a portable option for visual field screening. The device is perfect for use in satellite offices, hospitals, nursing homes and for patients who might not otherwise be able to perform a test, the company says. The device uses a suprathreshold three-zone testing strategy to provide increased sensitivity, as it tests at 4° vs. 6° intervals. The HMP features an intuitive, touch-screen interface and transfers data into an office's network, according to Nova Vision.

Phone: (888) 205-0800

The NovaVision HMP provides increased sensitivity, as it tests at 4° vs. 6°.

Incentive card

■ Incentive CardLab now offers customized, prepaid Visa Incentive cards to “reward employees and build customer loyalty,” the company says. You can order as few or as many of the “full-bleed” edge-to-edge design cards as you like. Each card costs $5.95 in addition to the pre-loaded amount (e.g. $5.00 to $2500). Incentive CardLab says it will deliver the customized card(s) directly to the recipient via express, overnight, standard delivery or ship them to the customer for hand-delivery.

Incentive CardLab
Phone: (866) 293-4129

Incentive CardLab enables you to reward employees and build customer service via its prepaid Visa Incentive cards.

Optical furniture

■ The OMNI display system, from Fashion Optical Displays, consists of an assortment of slender panels in seven- to 45-frame capacities, the company says. Panels can be arranged many different ways to fit any wall. OMNI features the Concorde 3-point frame support system and utilizes a wide selection of interchangeable graphic and signage holders, mirrors and display shelves.

Fashion Optical Displays
Phone: (800) 824-4106

The OMNI display system consists of an assortment of slender panels ranging from seven- to 45-frame capacities.

Progressive lens

■ The ADDVantage HD, from Super Systems Optical Technologies, is a high definition progressive lens that offers the performance of free-form lenses and is digitally enhanced to eliminate distance vision distortion, while providing a progression through the intermediate into the reading area, the company says. ADDVantage HD is available in a regular corridor design (18mm+ fitting heights) and a short corridor design (14mm+ fitting heights) and comes in plastic or photochromic with optional AR coating.

Super Systems Optical Technologies
Phone: (800) 543-7376

product notes
Essilor of America, Inc., now offers the Essilor App at the Apple, Inc. App Store for free. The App allows practitioner-and-patient iPhone touch users to learn about the benefits of the company's lenses and locate an eyecare professional who distributes the lenses. Visit store.
Seiko Optical Products of America, Inc. and Transitions Optical Inc., have partnered to offer Seiko Sportswear Transitions SOLFX sun lenses. The lenses change from non-activated light-to-dark green in bright sunlight, providing color contrast separation, depth perception and color recognition, the companies say.
AIT Industries has signed an agreement with WECO to distribute the WECO Industrial product line for the U.S. market. WECO is a German designer and manufacturer of lens finishing equipment for both wholesale labs and small opticals. The company makes more than 40 blockless robotic systems, including the Edge 990 Patternless Edging System.

Optometric Management, Issue: May 2011