Article Date: 7/1/2011

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For Your Patients and Practice

Desktop tonometer

■ The Pulsair Desktop tonometer, from Keeler, features a chin rest, X/Y mechanism and color video to facilitate alignment. Also included: intelliPuff software, which analyzes readings and eliminates anomalies from the final displayed result, the company says. Once the device has acquired sufficient, reliable readings, an audible signal alerts you.

Phone: (800) 523-5620

Lens casting system

■ The QSpex Premium Lens System, from QSpex Technologies, Inc., is a lens casting system that provides single-vision or progressive lenses with any combination of premium lens treatments in roughly 30 minutes, the company says. The device can produce clear lenses and seven-layer, vacuum-coated, oleophobic and hydrophobic AR lenses. Polarized lenses will be available in September, and polarized lenses with backside AR, photochromic lenses and AR/photochromic lenses will be available in January. The system is currently available in the Southeast, though its availability will expand.

QSpex Technologies, Inc.
Phone: (770) 751-7759

The QSpex Premium Lens System casts lenses in roughly 30 minutes.


■ The PSF Refractor, from Vmax Vision, Inc., operates on Point Spread function principles, which corrects refractive errors and neutralizes higher-order aberrations, the company says. Also, the device incorporates patient subjective input, enhancing the reliability of the refractive endpoint. And, you can use the refractive endpoint to fit the company's Encepsion ophthalmic lenses, which provide an accuracy of 0.05D.

VMax Vision, Inc.
Phone: (888) 413-7038

Optometric Management, Issue: July 2011