Article Date: 8/1/2011

what's new
what's new

Practice punctum

■ The Holbrook Practice Punctum, from Odyssey Medical, Inc., enables you and your staff to become familiar and comfortable with punctal occlusion in a stressfree learning environment, the company says. Specifically, the tool enables you to practice punctal occlusion with the company's Parasol punctal occluder on a dummy eye. In addition, you can use the tool to educate patients regarding punctal occlusion.

The Holbrook Practice Punctum lets you practice punctal occlusion with the Parasol punctal occluder.

Odyssey Medical
Phone: (888) 905-7770

Data management system

■ The EyeRoute Synergy, from Topcon Medical Systems, Inc., is an ophthalmic data management system that enables you to amass, store, manage, access and compare digital ophthalmic data created by various ophthalmic devices. The system is compatible with more than 120 such devices and also enables you to share information with fellow practitioners in real-time through the system's Synergy Community Portal. Further, it automatically registers and aligns fundus images, despite the procedure of camera manufacturer.

Topcon Medical Systems
Phone: (866) 922-6278

Computerized Phoroptor

■ The Auto Phoroptor RST Auto Refraction System, from Reichert Technologies, features precision lens exchange for quick, quiet and efficient refraction, and the system configuration fits perfectly with a traditional lane set-up, negating the need for an additional investment in instrument tables and seating, the company says. In addition, the device can be configured to communicate with pre-test equipment and EHR systems, so you can upload patient data to use as a refraction starting point and save the results.

The Auto Phoroptor RST features precision lens exchange for quick, quiet and efficient refraction.

Reichert Technologies
Phone: (888) 849-8955


■ The Special Edition 500 Gucci sunglasses, from Safilo Group, is comprised of two metal aviator styles that feature a double bridge, the Gucci green-red-green ribbon and the “500 By Gucci” logo on the acetate temples. The two styles: GG 2898/N/S, a small black-and-white frame for women, and GG 1951/N/S, a large all-black style for men. Both styles come with a black carrying case that includes the Gucci green-red-green ribbon and “The 500 By Gucci” logo.

Both styles feature a double bridge, the Gucci green-red-green ribbon and the “500 By Gucci” logo.

Safilo Group
Phone: (800) 631-1188

product notes
• The Duette hybrid lens for astigmatism, from SynergEyes, Inc., is now available in sphere powers from +6.00D to −15.00D. Visit, and click on the Duette to learn more about it.
Wiley X Eyewear has added the Curve style to its Climate Control Series. The Curve style is designed for children, women and men who have narrow facial features. Visit for more information.
Valentino SpA has signed a global license agreement with Marchon, granting Marchon the rights to manufacture and distribute the sun and ophthalmic collections under the Valentino brand.

Optometric Management, Issue: August 2011