Article Date: 11/1/2011

what's new

what's new

For Your Patients and Practice


■ The LT-980 (HC) Tracer, from Santinelli International, provides high-curve automatic tracing. The device's ultra-low stylus pressure rids distortion on thin, flexible frames, as the pressure is dispersed over a large area of the frame and at various angles, the company says. The software then calculates the effect that the curve imparts with respect to size, reproducing digitized frame data. The LT-980 is intended for production in early 2012.

Santinelli International
Phone: (800) 644-3343

The LT-980 (HC) Tracer provides high-curve automatic tracing and should be available in early 2012.

Handheld pachymeter

■ The iPac, from Reichert Technologies, is a handheld pachymeter with a measurement range of 200 microns to 1000 microns, a +5 micron accuracy and a resolution of 1 micron. Also, the device features Bluetooth wireless connectivity, one-button navigation, a rotating color LCD screen, a USB cable and a rechargeable lithium ion battery, among other attributes. Further, you can customize the color display to reveal IOP correction, standard deviation and OD/OS notation in seconds, the company says.

Reichert Technologies
Phone: (888) 849-8955

The IPac measures 200 microns to 1000 microns with an accuracy of +5 microns and a resolution of 1 micron.

Magnified spectacles

■ The Task-Vision TV spectacles, from Tech Optics International, provide a 2.0X magnification and are specially designed for activities, such as movies and sporting events, in which a magnified image is needed. In addition, the spectacles are vision-adjustable via a dialing system.

Tech Optics International
Phone: (800) 678-4277

The Task Vision TV spectacles provide a 2.0X magnification.

Optical sales tool

■ The fabric tray, from Eye Designs, is ideal for keeping track of the patient's frame selections and presenting the finished prescription to the patient for final fitting and adjustments. The black tray has four compartments fully lined with satin ivory fabric to separate and protect the sampled eyewear. The sales tool provides a touch of professionalism and style, the company says.

Eye Designs
Phone: (800) 346-8890

Glaucoma vision test

■ The Diopsys Neuro Optic Vision Assessment visual evoked potential (NOVA-VEP) testing systems, from Diopsys, Inc., use the short-duration transient VEP technique to record the electrical responses of a glaucoma patient's entire vision system and affords reports to enable you to evaluate optic nerve function for damage. The objective, quantitative test is available in both a Fixed Protocol with Multi-Contrast Stimuli and User-Defined Protocol configuration.

Diopsys, Inc
Phone: (973) 244-0622

product notes
Haag-Streit USA offers LED Illumination conversion kits on the company's BM 900 and BQ 900 slit lamps. This allows the user to view minute details in the anterior chamber, cornea and lens and assists with depth perception, the company says. The LED bulbs last approximately 35,000 hours, don't emit radiation or produce any heat, giving patients a more comfortable exam, Haag-Streit USA says. Visit

iZon Single Layer High-resolution lenses from Ophthonix, Inc., are now available in 1.67 High Index material in single vision, progressive and in the company's computer progressive lens, the iZon eFocus. Visit

Optometric Management, Issue: November 2011