Article Date: 12/1/2011

What's New

What's New

For your Patients and Practice

Video magnifier

■ The Prisma HD, from Eschenbach, is a 3-lb. desktop video magnifier that attaches to any HD TV via included HDMI cable. The magnifier provides a 720p 1280 x 720 resolution-magnified image employing its autofocus camera. Also, the device provides between 2.5X and 100X on a 32″ TV and offers a choice of nine viewing modes, such as white on black.

The Prisma HD provides a 720p 1280 X 720 resolution magnified image.

Phone: (800) 487-5389

Frame support system

■ The Concorde Support System clear three-point frame support system, from Fashion Optical Displays, is designed for large-proportioned eyewear. It easily snaps into place and is available in an array of Fashion Optical Displays' wall and display cases, such as the Legacy collection. Also, you can combine the System with the company's Shadow Reduction Technology.

The Concorde Support System is designed for large-proportioned eyewear.

Fashion Optical Displays
Phone: (800) 824-4106

Slit lamp

■ The SL-2G slit lamp, from Topcon Medical Systems, incorporates LED illumination, removing bulb replacement. In addition, the device features an adjustable slit mechanism with up to 14mm of Page 2 of 2 Aperature, a rotating magnification drum with 10X, 16X and 25X powers, slit angle rotation up to 180° and red-free and cobalt blue filters. Further, the SL-2G includes Galileo convergence-type oculars that enable beam splitter attachment. Finally, the device accepts the company's R-900 and 870-type applanation tonometers.

The SL-2G slit lamp incorporates LED illumination, removing bulb replacement.

Topcon Medical Systems
Phone: (866) 922-6278


■ The OS2 Ocular Support Solution, from AmeriSciences, is designed to help patients who have diabetes, macular degeneration, computer fatigue syndrome, glaucoma and dry eye, among other eye-related problems, to preserve and improve the health of their eyes, the company says. Specifically, OS2 helps protect the eye from external damage as well as improve ocular circulation, AmeriSciences says. The Nutraceutical contains alpha lipoic acid, lutein and zeaxanthin.

Phone: (866) 464-9541

product notes
• The Smart System Tablet, from M&S Technologies, Inc., is a wireless option for controlling the company's Smart System computerized vision testing technology. Visit
Compulink's EHR/PM software users can now integrate with the Demandforce D3. The product automates patient recall and appointment confirmations using e-mail and text messaging, helps practices improve their online reputation, enables patient reactivation with creatable promotions, newsletters and more and automatically tracks results and revenue from patient communications and online marketing efforts. Visit
An iPhone 4 adaptor for the Keeler Portable Slit Lamp (PSL), from Keeler Instruments, allows ophthalmic video capture, transforming the device into a digital slit lamp with high-resolution video, Keeler Instruments says. The adaptor connects to one of the device's eye pieces. Visit

Optometric Management, Issue: December 2011