Article Date: 7/1/2012

CooperVision Launches Multifocal Daily Disposable
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Diabetic eye model

■ Diabetes Eye-Plus, from Gulden Ophthalmics, is a model that shows the effect of unsuccessfully treated diabetes on the arteries, kidneys, nerves and retinas. Its primary purpose: to show the potential catastrophic effects of untreated diabetes, so patients will better adhere to their prescribed diets, medications and treatments, the company says.

Gulden Ophthalmics

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Diabetes Eye-Plus shows the effects of untreated diabetes on the retina and other body parts.

Tommy Hilfiger styles

■ The Tommy Hilfiger eyewear collection, from Safilo Group, now includes one sunwear style and two frames for eight-to-12-year-old children. Sun style TH 1148/s is a multilayer acetate, rectangular wraparound shape that features the Hilfiger flag on its temples and comes in purple/white/pink, blue/white/yellow, blue/red/white and red/white/ blue. The frames: TH 1144, an acetate, rounded frame that features a flex hinge temple and comes in transparent light brown/white, blue/red, transparent red/blue and cyclamen/fuchsia, and TH 1146, a thin metal, round frame that features two-tone rubber tips in red, white and blue and comes in blue with white/red tips, gloss red with white/blue tips, honey with white/pink tips, and brown with orange/blue tips.

Safilo Group

Phone: (800) 631-1188


Style TH 1146 features two-tone rubber tips in red, white and blue.

Ophthalmic lens

■ Vantage lenses, from Transitions Optical, Inc., are everyday photochromic lenses that begin as virtually clear and non-polarized indoors, though adapt to changing light and increase polarization as they darken, the company says. This optimizes the angle at which light enters the eyes to help control glare and light scatter, and thus, provide crisp, sharp vision, Transitions says. Currently, Vantage lenses are available exclusively in grey.

Transitions Optical

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Eye atlas

The Illustrated Full Color Atlas of the Eye, Eye Care, & Eye Surgery, illustrated by Stephen F. Gordon, B.A. and edited by Timothy Holekamp, M.D., contains illustrations of eight topics: (1) The Normal Eye, (2) Refraction & Refractive Errors, (3) Cataracts & IOLs, (4) Glaucoma, (5) Vitreous & Retina, (6) Cornea & All Refractive Surgeries, (7) Extraocular Conditions and (8) the Complete Anatomy of the Eye & Orbit. The Atlas — in regular and large print — includes color-tabbed page edges for quick reference.

Stephen F. Gordon

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The Illustrated Full Color Atlas of the Eye, Eye Care, & Eye Surgery comes in regular and large print.

product notes
Volk Optical's Pan Retinal 2.2, 20D, Super66, Super Field, 28D, 78D and 90D and Digital Series non-contact lenses (e.g. Wide Field, High Mag and Clear Field), are now available in red, silver, gold, purple or green finish to enable practitioner organization, the company says. The Digital Series also comes in black.
Eyefinity and Global EyeVentures have partnered to make available the EyeXam app. This app will enable consumers to take a vision-screening test, locate eyecare professionals, visit doctors' mobile profiles, make appointments and chat with providers in real time. For more information, e-mail

Optometric Management, Volume: 47 , Issue: July 2012, page(s): 84