Article Date: 8/1/2012

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A Fond Farewell

Through the last nine years, we've covered a lot of ground. But one theme remains consistent.

By Walter D. West, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Chief Optometric Editor

I've happily served Optometric Management as its chief optometric editor for roughly nine years and enjoyed the opportunity immensely. Nine years is a long time to do much of anything. After all, in many states after only seven years I could be declared legally married or even legally dead. The opportunity to serve as chief optometric editor has made me feel very much alive and a part of today's optometric profession as well as its future, and the experience of working with the editors and staff at Optometric Management will not be forgotten.

I've taken a position as the vice president of Practice Development for Vision Source, LP, and in so doing I must pass the responsibilities of chief optometric editor on to someone else. By now many of you are probably aware that Dr. Scot Morris will be taking over. I wish him well and know he'll do a great job, not only for Optometric Management but optometry.

As I think back regarding my tenure as chief optometric editor and the editorials and articles I wrote, I tried to include one consistent theme in everything… think for yourself.

Think for yourself in the decisions you make, but make a decision.
Think for yourself before you take a stand, but take a stand.
And, think for yourself to shape optometry's future rather than letting optometry shape yours.

All the best,

Optometric Management, Volume: 47 , Issue: August 2012, page(s): 2