Article Date: 8/1/2012

CooperVision Launches Multifocal Daily Disposable
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Patient reminders

■ SRVoice, from Solutionreach, delivers appointment reminders via an automated phone message that allows patients to confirm or cancel their appointments in a matter of seconds, the company says. While Solutionreach already offers automated patient e-mail and text-messaging, SRVoice is another option for patients who prefer to be reached by traditional telephone, helping eyecare professionals to connect with their patients.

Phone: (866) 605-6867

Optical tags

■ Pre-printed Op-Tags and labels, from Arch Crown, are designed to bring attention to special features and sale merchandise. Style 830 non-slip Op-Tags are die cut from durable plastic, easy-to-write on and stay in place on the frame, the company says. Static cling vinyl labels can be reapplied many times without losing static cling or scratching your lenses. More than 30 styles are available.

Arch Crown, Inc.
Phone: (800) 526-8353

Pre-printed Op-Tags and labels are designed to bring attention to special features and sale merchandise.

Magnifier options

■ Task-Vision New magnifiers are magnification devices, from Tech Optics International, for low vision, the visually impaired, those with age-related macular degeneration, dyslexia, diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, other diseases of the eye, as well as back and neck pain, osteoporosis or arthritis and a number of neurological disorders. These products include: bar magnifiers, dome magnifiers, digital magnifiers, handheld illuminated and LED magnifiers, handheld and pocket non-illuminated magnifiers, linen testers, loupe magnifiers, mirrors and page magnifiers.

Tech Optics International
Phone: (856) 795-8585

Task-Vision New magnifiers include bar magnifiers, dome magnifiers, digital magnifiers and handheld illuminated and LED magnifiers.

Personalized lens

■ ZEISS Progressive Individual 2, from Carl Zeiss Vision, features new EyeFit and CORE technologies that allow independent eyecare professionals to meet the needs of patients. Eye-Fit technology can personalize ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 based on the patient's visual activity profile. ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 also employs the personalization approach of the original ZEISS Individual progressive, including customization for the patient's sphere, cylinder, axis and add for up to 50% larger fields of clear vision as well as the size and shape of the patient's frame.

Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc.
Phone: 707-508-5586

ZEISS Progressive Individual 2's EyeFit technology allows personalization based on the patient's visual activity profile.

product notes
Vmax Vision, Inc. announced the addition of voice-guided instruction software to the PSF Refractor. The voice instruction software guides the patient through each refraction test, which is operated by the doctor or technician. As each test begins, the operator presses a button to activate the guided instruction, which can be repeated as necessary. The guided instruction is currently provided in English, with other languages planned in a future update of the software program.
Reliance Medical Products' campaign promoting their instrument stands and exam chairs has been honored by a Gold Aster Award for excellence in advertising. Created by Cincinnati creative agency Ideopia, the ads leverage the company's history of hand crafting its products in America.

Optometric Management, Volume: 47 , Issue: August 2012, page(s): 67