Article Date: 9/1/2012

o.d. to o.d.
o.d. to o.d.

If Your Practice Is Changing, Then Shouldn't We?

The changing landscape of optometry requires that we go to new lengths to meet all your needs.

By Scot Morris Chief Optometric Editor

In my inaugural issue I want to express my greatest thanks to my family for their sacrifices, my business partners for their patience, my optometric friends for their camaraderie, industry partners for their insights and all of those who have helped me along the way. I also want to thank the people here at Optometric Management for entrusting me the opportunity to lead this magazine into the future.

Change never stops

As we look at the future, I think we all agree that times never stop changing. Just think back to 18 years ago. As I carried my bag phone into the clinic, I got a call from a member of a local optometric society who asked me to give a talk on dry eye at one of the society's meetings. At that time, few eyecare professionals, O.D. or M.D., talked about ocular surface disease. Most of my peers and mentors thought I was a little crazy to talk about such a “dry” subject. Now, it is impossible to not hear about dry eyes.

A little later, I dumped by bag phone for the “new” BlackBerry, as any respectable tech geek would have done. It became clear technology was going to impact how we practice and run our businesses. Through my research on the subject, I began talking and writing on this impact of technology on our future.

Now, we contend with social media, electronic health records (EHR) and a never-ending barrage of new technology that affects every aspect of our businesses. As I go to get a new smart phone and get ready to throw my laptop away, I wonder how the next 10 years will impact all of us. Healthcare reform, the competitive landscape, economic realities, managed care alterations, political agendas and the population changes within the United States — and within the profession itself — will have a significant impact on what we all do every day.

A glimpse at the future

Just as these changes impact you, you can expect this magazine to change to meet your demands for new information. Put another way, we pledge to create an impactful change within the eyecare industry. The incredible OM staff are committed to making OM your must-read (or must-view) magazine each and every month. In our quest to meet your needs, we are prepared to restructure… well, everything!

For starters, expect much more about how to build, run and advance your practice, your business and your personal financial life. Lots of journals do a fine job of teaching you how to be a better clinician. We will be the magazine that improves every aspect of your professional life.

A partnership

To achieve such a lofty goal, we request your assistance. What do you want to hear, read, view or learn? How do you want to get this information? E-mail me at smorris@eye consult, and we will make it happen.

I look forward to taking on our future challenges and opportunities, together. OM

Optometric Management, Volume: 47 , Issue: September 2012, page(s): 4