Article Date: 9/1/2012

From the AOSA
From the AOSA

AOA Compass

Everything new grads and 4th year students need to know — all in one place

By Jen Sidun
President, AOSA

DO YOU WANT ONE place where you can track your school progress, sign up for state boards, search for a job or find easy resources to open a practice? AOA Compass has everything that a student or new grad needs to get through optometry school and beyond.

Released last summer by AOA's student new graduate committee, Compass is an interactive tool that allows each student or new graduate to launch his or her own personalized timeline and learn more about the steps to take after optometry school. Financial aid information with guides to loan repayment and scholarships are all located in one central place, so you don't have to search aimlessly on the Internet.

With links to AOSA and AOA, Compass allows easy access to everything you need as a new doctor involved in organized optometry to transition your membership. Information is also available for new grads to become an infantSEE provider, obtain an NPI number or register with the DEA.

Compass is an organized place to help each student and new OD prepare for the future. Information about residencies, optometry's career center, free business cards, and even how to change your name is all there so you can network with ease.

I've personally been using Compass since it launched and it's very rewarding to be able to check off each step that I've completed. I've utilized many of the tools and know that when preparing for graduation or searching for a job, the site will be of even more assistance.

Compass is for students and new grads only and all you have to do is sign up with your AOA ID and password! Go check it out and get yourself organized! nOD

Jennifer Sidun is from Rocky River, Ohio. She graduated from University of Kentucky with a BS in Human Nutrition in 2008. She became passionate about optometry while working for a practice during college. When she graduates from the University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry, she plans to return to the Cleveland area and work in a private practice.

NEWS Vision Expo Student Video Contest
THIS YEAR, the Vision Council and International Vision Expo armed students from every optometry school with camcorders to record their experience at this important conference. In October, each school's video will be uploaded to a website where students, classmates, friends, family, ODs, and so on can vote for their favorite. The three schools that receive the most votes will win prizes.
New OD will post the website where you can go to vote and other details on our Facebook page in early October. Be sure to vote!

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