Article Date: 2/1/2013

What�s New
what’s new


Scleral lens

■ The Atlantis Scleral lens, from X-Cel Contacts, is designed for any patient who has an irregular cornea, including keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, corneal transplants, post-refractive surgery, post-corneal rings and ocular surface disease. The lens’ peripheral curve calculation allows central clearance while providing distribution of pressure in the landing area, adequate edge lift and patient comfort, the company says. The Atlantis fitting set includes a fitting guide, patient insertion and removal take-home card, small and large DMV suction cups, lap towels and unpreserved, single-use saline packs.

X-Cel Contacts
Phone: (800) 241-9312


The Atlantis Scleral lens is designed for any patient who has an irregular cornea.

LED lamp

■ The Task Vision LED Lamp, from Tech Optics International, includes a 3X distortion-free glass magnifier, a 5-inch reading/working area and an 24” adjustable extension arm. The 60 LED lights stay cool and never need to be replaced, the company says. There is no color distortion, and the light is evenly distributed. With a screw-clamp, the LED lamp can be connected to a desk to light workspaces for low-vision patients.

Tech Optics International
Phone: (800) 678 4277

Trial lens multi-pinhole

■ The Trial Lens Multi-Pinhole, from Gulden Ophthalmics, fits all standard 38mm trial frames as well as four- and eight-well flippers. With five pinhole sizes, from .8mm to 1.5mm, the multi-pinhole provides routine acuity testing with the smaller pinholes while testing for suspected reduced vision. This is due to decreases in retinal illumination through the larger pinholes. The device, made of durable ABS plastic, eliminates the effects of refractive errors, such as with myopia during testing, by employing a means to focus light, the company says.

Gulden Ophthalmics
Phone: (215) 884-8105


The Trial Lens Multi-Pinhole features five pinhole sizes, from .8mm to 1.5mm.

Finishing products

■ Value-Edge blocking pads and Grip-Tight intermediate film, from Santinelli International, are recent additions to the company’s consumables product line. The Value-Edge blocking pads are made of a specially formulated foam and adhesive combination. The foam material resists high rotational forces and prevents wrinkling, while the adhesive is formulated to bond to all hard-coated, standard AR-coated and many hydrophobic AR-coated lenses, the company says. The Grip-Tight intermediate film was developed to give lens clamps a more secure grip, the company says. The intermediate film comes in both standard and high curve versions.

Santinelli International
Phone: (800) 644-3343


Value-Edge blocking pads are made of a specially formulated foam and adhesive combination.

product notes

Heidelberg Engineering has received FDA 510(k) clearance for Multi-Color Scanning Laser Imaging with the SPECTRALIS product family, a new dimension in multi-modality fundus imaging. MultiColor imaging simultaneously uses multiple laser colors to selectively capture and display diagnostic information originating from different retinal structures within a single examination, the company says.

Renu Fresh multi-purpose solution, from Bausch + Lomb, has an updated cap design. Renu now offers an overseal snap on the cap, which provides an auditory signal of bottle closure for added security to avoid accidental unclosed caps.

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