Article Date: 3/1/2013

Measuring up

Measuring Up

Consider the benefits of measuring devices to aid custom lens sales.



Providing patients with customized high definition progressive lenses improves their vision and increases loyalty. And, as many wise optometrists have said before me, “What’s good for the patient is good for the practice.”

A number of measuring devices offer a wide variety of features to practitioners. Here are some to consider when purchasing one of these devices:

Customized measurements

The measurements necessary for customized lenses are quick and easy to obtain with measuring devices. In fact, some measurements for the most individualized lenses are impossible to obtain without a measuring device in the office. These devices use a camera-like device to capture an image of the patient with his/her frame, then allow the technician to line up specific points to take personalized measurements such as posture, eye movement, head tilt, frame wrap, vertex distance and more.

Easy check-in

Provide quick and easy check-in at the front office. Using pre-set forms, this technology can provide a method of data capture different from the typical paper forms used in the many offices.

Patient histories

Use patient-friendly questionnaires that are embedded in the software provided by the measuring device. The integration of these devices with your practice management software results in more accurate orders, faster processing of orders and decreased cost of goods as a result of a decrease in data entry errors.

Lens and frame options

Patient education modules are provided in the software that not only educate patients on the features and benefits of the specific product, but also demonstrate these same products such as AR treatments, lens thickness and tints.

When linked to frame software, patients can also shop for alternate colors and styles of specific frames. This is valuable for patients who have difficulty seeing frames they try on because of their refractive error and for patients who enjoy seeing their frame selection from all angles. Also, the ability to do frame styling with online frame catalogues and virtual try on frames increase frame options at no cost to the office.

Another time and money saving option is lens selection and frame/lens compatibility checks. This keeps your optical staff from selling an unavailable combination that too often results in lost time and money with phone calls to the patient and refunds of non-compatible products or treatments.

Photo sharing

Most measuring devices connect to the Internet to facilitate the email capability of any photos taken with the device and recommendations reviewed on the device. Patients can even take video, if desired, and send the information to a family member who can give feedback on the selection and help them make a decision before leaving the office.

Capture more sales.

Many O.D.s have amazing technology throughout the office that is used for more accurate diagnosis of eye conditions. However, there is a disconnect when the patients receive these recommendations from the doctor, then walk into the optical where measurements for their $1,000 eyewear purchase are taken with a marker and a ruler.

If your practice is one of relationships and technology, then it is the right time to consider a measuring device for the optical that reflects that personality. OM


Optometric Management, Volume: 48 , Issue: March 2013, page(s): 73