Article Date: 7/1/2013

What's New

what’s new



■ The LT-1200 Xtreme-D display screen tracer, from Santinelli International, features automatic high-curve frame trace capability. The LT-1200 digitizes 1,000 reference points per eye through 3D technology to capture tracing data, achieving a 99.9% level of accuracy, the company says. Also, users can perform an array of functions from the unit’s 10.4” color, LCD touchscreen, including Shape Editing Mode for creating customized rimless and semi-rimless eyewear. Further, the on-screen display allows tracing data editing by quadrant.


The LT-1200 Xtreme-D display screen tracer features automatic high-curve frame trace capability.

Santinelli International

Phone: (800) 644-3343


Ophthalmic lens material

■ Tribrid lenses, from PPG Industries in partnership with X-Cel Optical and Thai Optical Group, merge elements of Trivex lens material with traditional high-index lens chemistry. The lens material is designed for patients who have prescriptions within the +/-3.00D to +/-7.00D range. Tribrid material features optical clarity (Abbe number 41), lightweight comfort (density 1.23g per cubic centimeter), thinness (refractive index 1.60), impact resistance (it withstands more than 160 times the energy of the U.S. FDA drop ball test) and 100% UV protection, the company says.

PPG Industries

Phone: (724) 325-5100


Auto refractors

■ The KR/RM-800 auto refractor series, from Topcon Medical Systems, includes the KR-800 Auto Kerato-Refractometer and the RM-800 Auto Refractor. Both devices feature a 8.5” color touchscreen, a compact design and joystick operation. The auto refractor series features Topcon Medical Systems’ exclusive Rotary Prism Technology for accurate keratometric and refraction measurements, the company says. In addition, the devices include a built-in printer and LAN and RS232 connectivity for integration with EHRs and other ophthalmic instruments.


The KR-800 Auto Kerato-Refractometer features an 8.5” color touchscreen and joystick operation.

Topcon Medical Systems

Phone: (800) 223-1130


Ophthalmic lenses

■ UNITY BluTech lenses, from VSP Optics Group, are infused with natural melanin and ocular lens pigments. These attributes protect the eyes from high-energy blue light and UVA/UVB radiation, addressing the risk of AMD, the company says. The lenses allow innocuous light to pass through them, which leaves the wearer’s color and depth perception unaffected, the company says. BluTech technology is available in indoor lenses, which feature a slight tint, and outdoor lenses, which are polarized with 80% light absorption.


UNITY BluTech lenses are available in indoor and outdoor lenses.

VSP Optics Group

Phone: (888) 867-8867


product notes

• The Liberty Scholar 2, from Eschenbach, now features a camera and camera-mounting system. The camera features 10x optical zoom. The Liberty Scholar 2 is a portable video magnifier for both near and distance viewing and offers magnification from 1.5x to 50x.

• The EyeXam mobile application announced sponsorships with industry partners that will support the application’s Mobile Virtual Profile, which highlights eyecare practices to current and future patients via the mobile space, social media and other channels. Sponsors to date include Eyefinity, Vision Source, Menicon America, SynergEyes, FOCUS Laboratories, Inc. and QSpex.

Optometric Management, Volume: 48 , Issue: July 2013, page(s): 89