Article Date: 1/1/2014

What’S New
what’s new


Edging system

▪ The WECO E.5, from AIT Industries, is a midrange patternless edging system intended for low-to medium-volume opticals. The device, which utilizes a touch-screen interface, features a grinding wheel for beveling materials and offers integrated drilling. Other features include a 0° to 30° adjustable grooving angle, automatic internal/external safety bevel and continuous 3D mapping. In addition, the WECO E.5 integrates with existing AIT tracers and blockers.

AIT Industries
Phone: (800) 729-1959


AIT Industries’ WECO E.5 midrange patternless edging system has a touchscreen interface.

Glaucoma software

▪ The Forum Glaucoma Workplace, from Carl Zeiss Meditec, is a diagnostic and management software application. Available in the Forum data management system, the application provides off-instrument review of data from the Humphrey Field Analyzer (HFA) and enables functional Guided Progression Analysis (GPA). This allows users to identify patients who are progressing and at risk for visual field loss. Also, with interactive GPA, doctors can adjust GPA parameters as needed, change baselines, reset baselines after surgery and exclude outliers.

Carl Zeiss Meditec
Phone: (800) 341-6968


▪ The Vario LED Lamp Magnifier, from Eschenbach, uses a 76mm lens to provide 6.00D (2.5x) magnification. A ring of 63 SMD LEDs surrounds the lens and is used for the magnifier’s two illumination settings: full shadow-free and segment illumination. The device’s handle and flexible gooseneck arm allow tilting to meet individual needs, and the lamp’s base features a clamp for attachment to a table or desk up to 2.4 inches thick.

Phone: (800) 487-5389


Eschenbach’s Vario LED Lamp Magnifier provides 6.00D (2.5x) magnification.


▪ Transitions Signature VII, from Transitions Optical, uses the company’s Chromea7 technology, a dye formulation that reacts to indirect and reflected sunlight to make them darker on bright days, the company says. The lens, which replaces Transitions VI in the company’s family of products, is more responsive to both direct and indirect sunlight than its predecessor, the company says. Transitions Signature VII lenses are available in two colors: gray and brown.

Transitions Optical
Phone: (727) 545-0400


Transitions Signature VII lenses are available in gray or brown.

product notes

Maui Jim increased its number of frame styles that can be made in the company’s polycarbonate or Maui Evolution prescription lenses. Also, the Maui Evolution and polycarbonate prescription lenses can now be ordered in any of the company’s four distortion-free lens colors, such as Maui Rose, which are designed for various light conditions.

Alden Optical and Medmont announced a topography-based method for fitting of Alden Optical custom soft lenses. The new fitting algorithm incorporates topographical data of the optimal corneal-to-lens sagittal relationship to better determine base curve and diameter of the lenses, the companies say.

Optometric Management, Volume: 49 , Issue: January 2014, page(s): 50