Article Date: 1/1/2001

Portability for the Road
Here's a helpful little instrument that's great for those of you who do a lot of work outside the office.
By Philip M. Buscemi, O.D.

While preparing to write this column on Heine's new hand-held slit lamp, I got to thinking about one of my newest endeavors.

Through the auspices of my church, I recently took on the project of acquiring ophthalmic equipment for the newly established Juanita Browsher Medical Clinic in Piedras Negras, Mexico.

I called a lot of the people whom I've come to know in our industry, asking for donations for this worthy cause, which provides free dental and eye care for thousands of people who would otherwise have no way of affording it. I thank all who've helped.

Heine's portable slit lamp -- the HSL 100.

What's the connection?

You're probably wondering how the Heine HSL 100 Portable Slit Lamp got me thinking about this endeavor. Well, the product design goal for this instrument was geared toward O.D.s who are working outside of their offices more making post-op rounds, traveling to retirement centers, senior citizen homes or other countries to provide exams for the underprivileged.

Consequently, the simplicity, portability and affordability of the Heine HSL 100 makes it a perfect match for individuals working in environments such as the clinic I mentioned. When you're working in a similar environment, full-size table-mounted products and even more cumbersome and expensive portable slit lamps are difficult to use.

Feature attractions

The following is an indepth look at what the HSL 100 has to offer.

The HSL 100 isn't designed to replace a slit lamp. It's a simplified version of a static slit lamp that provides the user with the most important slit configuration (direct illumination with an optical section) to cover the most popular type of exams anywhere. Basically, this instrument has a light source consisting of a bulb filament that's coincidentally focused on the plane of regard with a 20D lens. The lens offers approximately 6x magnification at a 50-mm working distance. Heine's slit lamp offers a 10-mm x .2-mm slit for direct focal illumination. The slit is produced by the bulb filament itself, which contributes to the instrument's brightness.

The HSL 100 fits directly on Heine handles, as well as traditional Bayonet-style handles. The patented loupe-positioning mechanism guarantees precise alignment with the slit. The HSL 100 also has an integrated cobalt blue filter for corneal exams.

Take it on the road

Heine is marketing this portable slit lamp for doctors who are spending more time working outside of their offices. It's easy to use, so I don't think that technicians will have any trouble doing some triage, contact lens or screening work with it.

The Heine HSL 100 is designed for use in the following applications:

Hopefully, now you'll understand why I thought about my Mexican project. This instrument is portable, small and easy to use in a screening capacity when you literally have hundreds of patients at your door. You're sure to find a use for it. And, to top it all off, it's relatively inexpensive -- just $549.

For more information about this portable unit, call (800) 367-4872 to locate your nearest authorized Heine dealer or visit

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Optometric Management, Issue: January 2001