Article Date: 1/1/2001

For Your Patients and Practice

Prosthetic lens

CooperVision recently introduced the Cooper Prosthetic Lens. The new soft lens masks and dis- guises even the most severe cases of corneal disfigurement, such as congenital coloboma, aniridia and traumatic iridoplegia.

Unlike traditional hand-painted prosthetic lenses, where color is difficult to duplicate, the Cooper Prosthetic Lens incorporates computer- based technology that reproduces colors accurately when lenses are reordered.

Cooper Prosthetic Lenses are made from polymacon and manufactured using CooperVision's UltraSync technology. Cast-molded for comfort and fit, the new lenses are available in both standard and custom designs. Custom lenses feature base curves of 8.4, 8.7 and 9.0 with a power range between -10.00D and +10.00D. Pupil diameter ranges from 3.5-mm to 5.0-mm in 0.5-mm increments. Practitioners can also choose from nine color combinations, clear or black back surfaces and open or closed pupils.

For more information, please call (800) 341-2030.


The OT-2000 rotates a full 360 degrees to deliver the instruments to the patient and tech.

Pretesting table

Optiniomics has introduced the OT-2000 pretesting table. According to the company, the OT-2000 saves time and space while increasing productivity. Rather than the patient and tech moving back and forth from instrument to instrument, the OT-2000 rotates a full 360 degrees to deliver the instruments to the patient and tech.

You can adjust the tabletop height with a foot switch, making it easy to fit each patient, including those in wheelchairs. With a 360-degree rotation and a 12-inch lift stroke, the OT-2000 qualifies for the A.D.A. Tax Credit. Also, the table has a small 47.5-inch diameter so it can fit into just about any size room you might have in your practice.

For more information, call Optiniomics at (800) 522-2275.


The RxH produces target curves within 0.03D with surfaces of better than 10-micron peak-to-valley smoothness.

Lens surfacing system

DAC International, Inc. has announced its new Spectacle Lens Surfacing System. The system includes a new Surface Generator, the RxH, which produces standard sphere, toric and prism back curves on all material lens blanks, plus complex front curves such as progressive addition, aspherical and atoric lenses on simple "hockey puck" lens blanks. The generator produces target curves within 0.03D with surfaces of better than 10-micron peak-to-valley smoothness.

The production capacity for a typical laboratory prescription and material distribution is 240 jobs per 7.5-hour shift. This includes cribbing, pin beveling and generating the surface. The system also includes the new DAC International Cylinder Machines. These patented machines have eliminated the rotating elements that require frequent maintenance. The machines use flexure-mounted assemblies that are electronically driven to match each lens prescription.

For more information, please call (888) 373-3027.

Viewing procedures

If you'd like to view procedures used in the practice of lacrimology on your computer, Lacrimedics has released a compact disc (CD).

The disc includes a collection of 15-second videos illustrating, in real time, various techniques used in the "Herrick System of lacrimal occlusion." The CD is free of charge.

Featured procedures include:

For additional information, call (800) 367-8327.


MediNotes Corporation has released Charting Plus 4.

Software upgrade

MediNotes Corporation is now offering Version 4 of their Charting Plus electronic medical records program. According to the company, Version 4 will raise the bar considerably for the electronic medical records industry with its user-friendly graphic interface and a comprehensive and well-organized electronic patient folder.

Charting Plus 4 is similar to earlier versions, but also includes:

For more information, call MediNotes Corporation at (877) 633-6683.

Latest release

Ai Squared recently released ZoomText Xtra 7.0. It's the latest version of the software used for helping low vision patients. The new ZoomText Xtra 7.0 includes support for all Windows plat- forms, including NT.

According to Ai Squared, seamless integration of magnification and screen reading, built-in speech synthesizers, advanced edge smoothing and support for display modes and resolutions make the new ZoomText a total low-vision solution.

Some new features in ZoomText 7.0 include:

For more information, please call (802) 362-3612.

Software launch

EMRlogic Systems Inc. announces the launch of OD Professional, a new integrated software solution that helps make life easier for eyecare professionals.

OD Professional is a comprehensive, digital office administration system that creates a "paperless office," enabling optometrists to better manage their time, increase their productivity and make their clinics more efficient.

OD Professional is affordable and priced so practices don't need to invest huge amounts in the software up front. Instead, the solution is offered on a monthly basis.

OD professional also:

For more information, call (866) 367-2899.

Optometric Management, Issue: January 2001