Article Date: 3/1/2001

For Your Patients And Practice

Illuminated stand magnifier

Eschenbach has expanded its line of illuminated stand magnifiers by introducing a new 12D lens. The new 1559 offers 3x (12D) of magnification using a lens that's 80 mm in diameter, which is 33% larger than Eschenbach's other 12D-illuminated stand magnifier.

The magnifier allows for binocular viewing at a comfortable eye-to-lens distance and features Eschen- bach's cera-tec coating that enhances scratch resistance, making the acrylic lens nearly glass hard. In addition, the 1559 includes a red "flip-up" orientation line that assists users in tracking text.

For more information, call Eschenbach at (877) 422-7300.

Polycarbonate processing supplies

Gerber Coburn introduces a lens processing supplies portfolio to help labs profit more fully from polycarbonate orders. Composed of the company's processing consumables -- PolyFine Two-Step Fining Pads, OptiFilm One-Step Fining Pads, Ultra Polishing Pads and Poly-Sheen 2000 Polish -- this product is designed to reduce processing times while providing superior lens surface quality and yields.

According to Kyle Costa, product manager, consumables, Gerber Coburn, "Many laboratories continue to rely on polycarbonate processing technologies that are more than 5 years old. This is unnecessary. In the last 12 months, some very significant improvements have been introduced to the marketplace that offer labs a huge opportunity to become far more effective and profitable in the polycarbonate arena."

For more information, call (800) 843-1479 or visit their Web site at

The new bottle design is easy to hold for greater utility and simpler handling.

Multi-purpose solution

Allergan, Inc. announced at the American Academy of Optometry (AAO) that in a series of recent clinical studies, Complete Brand Multi-Purpose Solution has been shown to effectively condition soft contact lenses while it cleans and disinfects, thereby allowing more comfortable lens wear.

Complete Brand Multi-Purpose Solution conditions both sides of the lens with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), a proven wetting agent and humectant. A protective hydrophilic layer is absorbed onto the lens surface to provide a time-released cushion of moisture, which keeps lenses moist and protected throughout the day.

Complete Brand Multi-Purpose Solution has also taken on a new appearance. The new bottle design is easy to hold for greater utility and simpler handling. A flip-top cap, built-in lens case holder and easy-grip bottle are added measures of convenience and ease of use.

For more information, call Allergan, Inc. at (714) 246-4500.

Variable tint

SOLA Optical USA has released Spectralite Velocity Transitions, a new variable tint. According to the company, it's 100% faster than any other plastic photochromic on the market.

Spectralite Velocity Transitions reaches 70% absorption transmittance within 30 seconds. According to the company, it has the greatest photochromic swing of any plastic variable tint. It's as dark as Xtractive outdoors, and as clear as regular Transitions indoors.

According to Lisa Young, SOLA's marketing manager for Photochro- mics, "Spectralite Transitions has been a big seller for us for quite a while. The lenses are thin, light and have good optics. With the dramatically superior performance properties of Spectralite Velocity, we expect the combination to become even more popular."

Spectralite Transitions Velocity is initially available in SOLA's Solomax and Percepta progressives. Visuality and ASL single vision will follow in early 2001.

For more information, call SOLA Optical USA at (707) 763-9911.

New eyewear collection

Fitovers Eyewear presents the Jonathan Paul Glides collection -- polarized sunglasses with lightweight crystal nylon frames designed for wear over prescription glasses.

The Glides collection features PDX polycarbonate lenses, offering superior optics and scratch resistance. According to Fitovers, the Glides lenses offer 40% more protection than regular sunglasses.

Glides are available in five colors with amber or gray lenses. Visit Fitovers Eyewear this month at Vision Expo in New York from March 23 to 25. They'll be in booth 4032.

For more information, call (888) 834-8872.

Optometric Management, Issue: March 2001