Article Date: 11/1/2001

For Your Patients and Practice

LensPen and Vitrectomy Lenses

The LensPen can clean lens-coated surfaces, such as on your G-series lenses and binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes.

Volk Optical is selling a few new products -- two vitrectomy lenses and a lens cleaner.

The vitrectomy lenses are high-resolution lenses. The clariVit Wide Angle and the clariVit Central Mag "eliminate the air gap between the contact and imaging elements." Both lenses feature improved resolution, extra-wide field capability, light-loss reduction and minimized reflections.

The other new Volk product is the LensPen. One end features a retract-able brush, which thoroughly removes loose particles of dirt; the other end features a soft cleaning pad with a no-liquid, carbon-based compound that wipes away smudges and reduces static charge build up. You use the LensPen to clean adapters, filters and lens-coated surfaces that don't touch the eye.

Volk Optical
Phone: (800) 345-8655

Lab Assistance

Gerber Coburn offers two new products, Innovations Edge Software and the Step One AcuBlock All Material.

The Innovations Edge Software is Gerber Coburn's solution to remote finishing. "The Edge is for you if your destination location doesn't have a surfacing lab, just a finishing lab," says a Gerber Coburn official. "Rather than sorting through unnecessary databases such as lens selection or grinding, the software recognizes that jobs arriving at that particular site require finishing only. It simply performs the calculations required to lay out lenses for finishing, then provides that data to the appropriate finish blocker, edger and so on." The Edge relies on a Windows 2000 platform.

The Step One AcuBlock All Material features a frame trace display to verify blank cutout.

The Step One AcuBlock All Material, on the other hand, lets you choose systems that are optimized for anti-reflective coating, robotic loading, low-volume, glass and standard operating environments. The Step One AcuBlock All Material, like its sister products, features the following benefits:

Gerber Coburn
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Fax: (860) 648-6601

Bio Toric

Biocompatibles Eyecare is releasing a monthly replacement toric lens. Called Proclear Compatibles Toric, this lens is currently available in certain markets, with a full launch scheduled for early next year.

The lenses feature a back surface and a prism ballast design. They come in a -1.25 cylinder with sphere powers from +4.00D to -6.00D and 10º axis steps around the clock.

Two more cylinders, -1.75 and -0.75, will be available for the national launch of the lenses in January 2002.

Phone: (800) 511-6747
Fax: (603) 889-6432

Standing Ovation

Fashion Optical Displays presents Ovation, its new line of contemporary dispensary furnishings. Ovation is a complete line of displays and furnishings that are crafted from natural maple, stainless steel and colorful laminates.

The Ovation line of displays and furnishings features "striking curved designs that help create a light, spacious environment."

Individual products in the Ovation line include:

Fashion Optical Displays
Phone: (800) 824-4106
Fax: (530) 877-2013

Near and Far

Eschenbach's new Mobilux Far is a combination spotting telescope and hand-held magnifier. Your patient can use the Mobilux Far as a monocular telescope to spot an object from a distance, and then, at the switch of a button, view that same object from up close.

Used as a magnifier, the Mobilux Far offers 3.2x magnification. When used as a monocular spotting telescope, it offers 2.5x magnification and a 13º field of view.

Eschenbach includes two AA batteries with the Mobilux Far.

Phone: (877) 422-7300
Fax: (203) 431-4718

Eyecare Business

Vision West, Inc. is selling a new book, Eyecare Business Marketing and Strategy. Written by Gary Moss, O.D., M.B.A., and Peter Shaw-McMinn, O.D., the book is designed to help you increase your revenue, build your market share and enhance your patient satisfaction.

Eyecare Business Marketing and Strategy includes such topics as Development of Marketing Goals, Understanding Patient Satisfaction and New Marketing Technologies.

Also, the authors have included short teaching cases and exercises to aid you in understanding the concepts, so you can adapt them to your own practice.

Vision West
Phone: (877) 422-2020

French Riviera




Expanded Expressions

CooperVision has expanded its specialty contact lens line with Expressions. These opaque contact lenses are available in five colors: gray, green, blue, hazel and aqua.

Expressions feature a single base curve of 8.7, a diameter of 14.4, and a power range of +4.00D to -6.00D in 0.25D steps. CooperVision packages the lenses in blister six-packs.

Phone: (800) 341-2020

Fresh Colors

CIBA Vision has contact lens news as well. The honey and turquoise lenses in its FreshLook ColorBlends line have been expanded to include powers ranging from +6.00D to -8.00D in 0.25D steps. The honey and turquoise lenses now join existing gray, blue, green and brown.

FreshLook ColorBlends are opaque, disposable contact lenses that feature a patented, three-in-one color burst pattern that combines three colors on each lens to create "the subtle and natural depth of beautiful eyes."

CIBA Vision
Phone: (800) 348-9595

Viva International Group has introduced the French Riviera Grouping for Catherine Deneuve Lunettes, and the Versailles Grouping as well.

The Riviera Grouping features feather-lightweight 3-piece mount construction for comfort and presents fashion-forward styling. Designs include a soft-angled teacup shape and a classic rectangular design. Styles offer a rich matte and satin finish in hues such as cognac, mauve, satin brown and pewter.

The Versailles trio features feminine eyewear designs with floral tones and subtle detailing to flatter the face. Eye shapes include an egg-shaped design, an oval style, a rounded rectangle and a rounded rectangle semi-rimless frame.

Viva International
Phone: 908-595-6200


Rodenstock North America recently launched its Porsche Design collection, which includes 18 models, nine sunglasses and nine ophthalmic frames.

Promotional materials for the collection include the following:

Posters and counter cards are also available.

Phone: (888) 407-3937

Nike Junior

Marchon Eyewear is now selling the Nike Flexon Junior Ophthalmics. The Junior Ophth-almic line aims to please active, sports-oriented pre-teenagers. The line is available in sizes that range from 39 to 45. The line features Nike's signature occipital fit, which ensures that the temples grasp the head securely.

Some of the colors include Steel, Gunmetal, Walnut, Espresso, Slate Blue, Emerald, Light Brown and Black. Styles include oval, narrow oval, progressive rectangle and pillowed rectangle designs.

Phone: (800) 645-1300
Fax: (877) 275-0255


Clear Software, based in San Pedro, Calif., presents 20/20 Vision, a software program that features visual acuity tests that can run on most of your PCs and Macs. You can also use a built-in video feature in the program to get the attention of young patients focused on a specific point during a test.

The 20/20 Vision software features such acuity tests as:

The software program also includes the Snellen, simple picture, and tumbling E and C optotypes.

A spokesperson for Clear Software says, "A financial benefit of the 20/20 Vision software is that it costs less than projectors do, especially in offices that have multiple examination rooms."

Clear Software
Phone: (310) 547-4718
Fax: (310) 547-5213



  Web site launch

The Invicta Corporation has launched a Web site for its Solera lenses. At, you'll find information on merchandising materials, current products, press releases and links to partner Web sites.

You can also order products on the Web site by simply clicking on the item. All online Solera purchases receive a 5% discount.

Phone: (800) 557-4677
Fax: (561) 995-9981

Briot in the USA

Briot has launched a new Web site. At, you'll find information about Briot edging products and advice on how to increase lab productivity and profits.

The site also includes guidelines on leasing equipment, as well as information on Briot technical support, product news and a list of upcoming trade shows where Briot will demonstrate equipment.

Phone: (800) 292-7468
Fax: (954) 733-6759


Optometric Management, Issue: November 2001