Article Date: 2/1/2002

What's New
For Your Patients and Practice

You can use Cosmetica, a custom-colored contact lens, either cosmetically or prosthetically.

Custom Color Contact Lenses
The FDA has given marketing approval to Cosmetica, a soft contact lens that is laminated, hand-painted and custom-colored.

In addition to cosmetic applications, Cosmetica can realign misdirected eyes due to strabismus. You can also use Cosmetica prosthetically for such complications as albinism, aniridia and diplopia.

Custom Color Contacts
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Solution Clearance
The FDA has also given marketing clearance to CIBA Vision's Solo-care Plus.

Solo-care Plus is a no-rub multipurpose solution for cleaning and disinfecting 30-day soft contact lenses. The solution features AquaLube, which promotes lens moisture retention while reducing protein deposits. According to CIBA Vision, clinical studies show a 10% increase in patients able to comfortably wear their lenses for 16 hours when using Solo-care Plus.

CIBA Vision plans on launching Solo-care Plus this spring.

CIBA Vision
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Activisu lets patients experiment onscreen with lens colors and coatings.

Virtual Dispensing
Interactive Visual Systems presents Activisu, a system that lets your patients see themselves in different frames before placing an order.

The Activisu process starts with your patient looking into a "magic mirror." The mirror captures an image of your patient. You pull the image up on your dispensary computer so your patient can see how she would look in different frames.

Activisu also lets your patient try on frames you have in stock. The system records the results and lets your patient view four images simultaneously.

You can use Activisu with contact lens patients, too. Onscreen, Activisu superimposes various lens tints over your patient's own eye color.

Interactive Visual System
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The Mojo Sports Frame features Max Lens Technology, which "minimizes distortion and ensures better peripheral vision."

Marchon's Mojo and Flexon
Marchon Eyewear, authorized licensee of Nike Eyeware, is debuting the Mojo Sports Frame at the Winter Games in Salt Lake City. The Mojo features Nike's signature occipital fit temple design, enlarged rubber temple tips, and a ventilated nose bridge.

Also, Marchon has added two frames to its Flexon Select collection. The company calls them T-Wire frames. The bridge and temples of a T-Wire frame are made of Flexon memory metal, a titanium-based alloy that can "remember" and return to its original shape. Marchon says Flexon memory metal is "corrosion-resistant, fatigue-resistant, 10 times springier than spring steel and 25% lighter than conventional metals." For more information, visit

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Pretesting Table
Optinomics presents the OT-123 pretesting table, which holds three or four instruments, so both patient and technician can stay at one table during the pretest exam.

You can adjust the height of the tabletop with a footswitch.

Phone: (800) 522-2275

Essilor Lenses introduces Single Vision Thin & Lite 1.67 Crizal coated lenses. The company says that in addition to reduced glare, the lenses have a high level of durability.

The lenses are available in an aspheric design with a range of +8.00 to -13.00, up to -4.00 cylinder. The Crizal coating improves light transmission from 87% to 97%.

Phone: (800) 237-8725

You can use the Focometer for patients who are ordinarily difficult to refract, such as those with keratoconus.

Handheld Autorefractor
The nonprofit agency InFOCUS is selling the Focometer, an instrument that measures visual refractive errors without electricity. It's also portable.

According to InFOCUS, the Focometer is as accurate as an autorefractor. How does it work? Your patient looks through the Focometer and adjusts the focus until the designated target is clear. The spectacle prescription can then be read directly on a linear diopter scale on the side of the Focometer.

InFOCUS says the Focometer is ideal for eyecare professionals in rural areas and developing countries. For more information, visit InFOCUS' homepage and click on "technology."

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Titmus Addition
Titmus Optical introduces EXT7, a unisex style that joins the Titanium Collection of prescription safety frames.

EXT7 features an oval shape with sculpted spring-hinge temples. It's available in three colors:

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Internal Marketing
OPT Marketing presents the Digital Messenger, which is a patient education and internal marketing system.

The Digital Messenger lets you display messages on computer screens and TV screens in your practice. The messages can entertain patients or inform them about products and services you provide.

You can also use the Digital Messenger to instruct patients on how to insert and remove their contact lenses.

OPT Marketing
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AOA Overhaul

The American Optometric Association (AOA) has redesigned its Web site and, in the process, moved to a new address. You'll now find the organization at The site has an "improved, user-friendly design proven popular on many consumer sites."

The members-only section of the site will still be password-protected and will continue to provide information on important issues like Medicare rules and privacy regulations.

Phone: (800) 365-2219

Diabetic Aid

The AOA isn't the only one with Web site news. Prevent Blindness America (PBA) recently launched

PBA has two intentions for the Web site:

  • to educate patients about diabetic eye complications and guide them toward the appropriate professionals when necessary.
  • to offer you, the healthcare professional, discussions of preferred practice guidelines, the latest epidemiological estimates and summaries of key research.

Prevent Blindness America
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Optometric Management, Issue: February 2002