Article Date: 3/1/2002

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Touch-Screen Try-Ons
This technology saves time and increases revenue and patient satisfaction.
By Greg Ossip, O.D.

Isn't it great that with new technology, we can save our patients time in our offices? I'm talking about the frame and contact lens selection process. PaperlessPractice, Inc.'s FrameCam and LensCam allow patients to see themselves wearing different frame and contact lens options, all at the touch of a screen. Here's how.

Help with frame selection

Without his glasses, a patient can't see himself when trying on other frame options. FrameCam solves the problem by guiding the patient through a quick interactive process that allows him to instantly view himself in four different frames or in the same frame from different views all while he's wearing his own prescription glasses.

Benefits to grow by

The FrameCam shortens the frame selection process. It's fast, fun and has benefits that can enhance your practice. Here's how.

Increase sales revenue. The FrameCam can increase your premium product sales and pay for itself in a short period of time.

No staff monitoring. With the FrameCam, consumers have a fun and innovative way to select eyewear without staff participation and unnecessary hardware.

Increased customer satisfaction. The FrameCam uses the patient's face with frames she selects from your dispensary, allowing her to make the best frame selection while ensuring profitable turnover of your inventory. It reinforces customers' purchasing decisions and may also generate patient-to-patient referrals.

Customize your unit. You can color-customize the FrameCam to match your business décor and choose from a desktop unit or a space-saving wall mount with a retractable, movable arm. It's also available with or without frame display rotaries for high profit or sale merchandise using a kiosk that is ADA compliant. The FrameCam is highly configurable to meet various needs. It can move easily on its heavy-duty rollers.

Easy installation. The FrameCam is simple to install and fits into already merchandised dispensaries. Use it as a focal point in planning a new location.

The ADA-compliant kiosks are available with or without frame display rotaries.

Technology for lens wearers

The LensCam performs the same functions for contact lens wearers as the FrameCam does for spectacle wearers. Here's a recap of its specific benefits.

Shortened selection time. LensCam captures close-up, photographic images of patients so they can instantly view all color contact lens options from an interactive touch screen. The time and cost savings of the LensCam can be substantial and it can bring depth and innovation to your business.

Increased savings. Because a fitting isn't necessary, trial lens use is reduced, which results in easier, faster color lens selection with reduced costs.

Self-service. The LensCam makes it easy for customers who've thought about buying color contact lenses to see how they'd look in them. Customers do it all themselves, without the assistance of a technician or a fitting.

Don't miss out

These two products can simplify the way you practice by allowing patients to try on glasses and contact lenses more efficiently. See for yourself. For more information, visit or call (800) 857-6885



Optometric Management, Issue: March 2002