Article Date: 3/1/2002

What's New
For Your Patients And Practice

Next Generation Transitions, 1.50 darkens six times faster than Transitions III.

Next Generation
At Vision Expo East, Transitions Optical will debut Next Generation Transitions, 1.50. The company is touting this lens as the first clear -- at least for indoors -- photochromic lens.

"This breakthrough lens is virtually indistinguishable indoors from regular, clear lenses," says a company spokesperson.

When indoors, Next Generation Transitions, 1.50 transmits 89% of light. (Clear plastic lenses transmit 92% of light, while polycarbonate lenses transmit 90%.) Like other Transitions lenses, Next Generation Transitions, 1.50 provides 100% ultraviolet protection and a scratch-resistant coating. The lens is available in gray and brown, and in a variety of designs, including semi-finished single vision, flattop bifocals, flattop trifocals and popular progressive designs.

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At, animated graphics help your patients determine if an infection or allergy is causing their irritated, itchy eyes.

Computer Lens
Also at Vision Expo East, the Prio Corporation will unveil the Prio Browser Computer Lens, an aspheric variable focus lens optimized for computer and intermediate use. Carl Zeiss designed the lens; Prio is its exclusive U.S. distributor.

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Trade-in Offer
Santinelli International is offering a trade-in program, allowing you to upgrade from the Santinelli LE-7070 3D-Fit Patternless Edger to the Santinelli LE-9000SX Edger.

The company believes that you should consider the program if your LE-7070 Edger is at least 4 years old.

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Novartis Web Sites
Novartis Ophthalmics has created three new Web sites to educate consumers:

Novartis Ophthalmics
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Telescopes and Seminars
Eschenbach has added two monocular telescopes to its catalog. Monoculars 4293-316 and 4293-816 magnify 3.5X and 8X, respectively. Both models feature a "slide-focus" button that lets you hold and focus the Monocular with one hand.

In other Eschenbach news, the company is hosting a seminar, "Low Vision Care . . . What's It All About?" The seminar is an introductory, hands-on workshop and lecture for those interested in treating low vision. Upcoming dates and locations include: March 20 - Pontiac, Mich.; March 26 - San Luis Obispo, Calif.; March 27 - Fresno, Calif.; April 3 - Pittsburgh; April 10 - Fargo, N.D.; April 16 - Detroit; April 17,- Grand Rapids, Mich.; April 17 - Couer d'Alene, Ind.; and April 24 - Atlanta. To enroll, call (877) 422-7300 or visit

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New Frequency
CooperVision has had so much success with the Frequency 55 Toric that it has created Frequency 55 Toric XR, which has an increased cylinder power range of -5.75D. This, in combination with enhancing the axis availability in 5º steps, adds more than 27,000 parameters to the Frequency 55 Toric line.

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Astigmatic HRT II
Heidelberg Engineering is selling a set of six astigmatic lenses to aid you in detecting glaucoma or macular edema with the Heidelberg Retina Tomograph II (HRT II). The astigmatic lenses attach magnetically to the HRT II eyepiece, allowing you to examine astigmatic patients without the need for their glasses.

The astigmatic lenses range in power from 1.00D to 6.00D. You can request them in a plus or negative cylinder, or both. Heidelberg supplies each set in a padded wooden box.

Heidelberg Engineering
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The Kappa SP edging system features soft-pin beveling, which Gerber Coburn says reduces lens handling, spoilage or breakage while improving control, consistency and quality.

Edging Upgrade
Gerber Coburn Optical offers the Kappa SP edging system. The Kappa SP is like its predecessor, the Kappa XL, in that it has all-material edging, three groove widths, edge polishing and six automatic and controlled bevel options.

The software now has 4-D tracing capability. Gerber Coburn says this improves process time for acquiring the profile of the frame-wire groove.

The hardware features a soft-pin beveling feature. This tool enables pin beveling on thin lenses and on high minus or plus curved lenses. The bevel also increases the processing range of small diameter lenses.

Gerber Coburn
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Titanium Frame
Titmus Optical, Inc. has added the EXT8 to the Titmus Titanium Collection of prescription safety frames.

The EXT8 is a unisex titanium frame shaped like a rectangle. The frame is lightweight and available in burgundy, brown and steel.

Titmus Optical
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Patients power the MiniViewer by either plugging it into an electrical outlet or using its optional battery pack

Low Vision Aid

Telesensory is selling the MiniViewer, a portable video magnifier for your patients who suffer from low vision. It weighs less than 2 pounds and magnifies material up to 15 times. Your patient places the MiniViewer on top of books, maps, menus, photos or other items he needs help in reading. The bottom of the MiniViewer has rollers for easy movement.

Telesensory offers an optional stand that lifts the MiniViewer off the reading surface, so your patient can write checks, complete forms or examine 3-D objects such as flowers.

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Fax: (408) 616-8700

RGP Recognition
Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc., which sells, services and manufactures rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses, received International Organization Standardization (ISO) 9001 registration from Perry Johnson Registers, Inc.

"We sought ISO 9001 registration to further enhance our quality systems, standardize our processes and position the organization to pursue international business opportun-ities," says Art Optical general manager Mark Troyer.

Art Optical
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Special Eyes
CIBA Vision has redesigned the Web site for its Special Eyes prosthetic lens program. At, your patients can learn how prosthetic lenses can restore the normal appearance of damaged or diseased eyes.

The Special Eyes program immediately ships any of the top 20 Special Eyes lenses. Previously, you had to special-order the lenses and wait approximately 6 weeks for delivery.

CIBA Vision
Phone: (800) 348-9595


Optometric Management, Issue: March 2002