Article Date: 6/1/2002

What's New
For Your Patients and Practice

Parasol Punctal Occluders purchased in QuickLoad format come at a reduced price.

Punctal Plug Loader
Odyssey Medical is packaging its Parasol Punctal Occluder in a bulk format called the QuickLoad.

The QuickLoad supplies eight sterile pairs of occluders at half the price of pre-loaded occluders. The reusable inserters are available separately at $30 per pair.

Odyssey Medical
Phone: (888) 905-7770

Streak Out
Panoptx Windless Eyewear has added Silver Streak and Red Streak to the Cyclone line. The Streak features a metallic silver face turning into flames on the temple piece.

Like the rest of the Cyclone line, the Streak additions offer a redesigned bridge to fit smaller faces, an expanded peripheral view and reduced vibrations during high-speed activities.

Phone: (877) 726-6789
Fax: (925) 484-0263

EMR Update
The MediNotes Corporation has updated its electronic medical record system, Charting Plus, to version 4.2.

Charting Plus 4.2 features 2002 International Classification of Disease-9 and Current Procedural Terminology codes.

It also features the Image Annotator tool, which supports .jpeg files and lets you pull an image into the current document so you can store it with the text.

Another upgraded feature involves formatting text. Charting Plus 4.2 users can now insert tables so that exam objects are laid out in rows and columns. MediNotes says this feature is popular with eyecare professionals because it lets them categorize each eye in left and right columns.

Phone: (515) 327-8850

The Delta Finishing System features "4-D" tracing software.

Compact Edger
Gerber Coburn has unveiled Delta, a compact edging system. The company believes that Delta is an ideal investment if you're integrating finishing equipment into your practice for the first time.

Delta features "4-D" tracing software, which, according to the company, "provides the most efficient frame tracing and lens mapping we offer. The Delta Tracer not only measures the x, y and z axes, but it also provides the frame groove angle. This new technique greatly reduces process time required for acquiring the profile of the frame wire groove and makes the lens-to-frame fit much more precise and efficient, reducing any rework."

Gerber Coburn
Phone: (800) 843-1479

DuraSoft 2 ColorBlends
CIBA Vision has launched DuraSoft 2 ColorBlends daily wear color contact lenses.

The lenses incorporate the company's Color-Blends technology, which should appeal to your value-conscious patients, as well as first-time contact lens wearers who want to change the color of their eyes. DuraSoft 2 ColorBlends are available in plano up to -6.00D. The lenses are available in gray, green, blue and brown.

CIBA Vision
Phone: (800) 348-9595

Blue Expressions
CooperVision is expanding its Expressions opaque lenses so that your patients who prefer a deep blue eye color can opt for the new Blue Topaz lens.

The Blue Topaz color lens joins a line of lenses that includes the colors of gray, green, blue, hazel and aqua.

Phone: (800) 341-2020


Optometric Management, Issue: June 2002