Article Date: 7/1/2002

What's New
For Your Patients And Practice

Eye Drops

US Oftalmi presents several types of eye drops:

Clarasol Eye Drops have an active ingredient of naphazoline hydrochloride .012%.

US Oftalmi will be at Vision Expo West in booth 6065.

US Oftalmi
Phone: (508) 991-5065
Fax: (508) 991-5066

Acuvue News

Vistakon has expanded its line of Acuvue Toric contact lenses to include new plus and high minus powers. The company believes the expanded parameters will enable you to successfully fit more patients with astigmatism.

Vistakon has also repackaged its Acuvue Toric and Acuvue 2 contact lenses. The box size has been reduced 43%, which should save storage space for both you and your patients. Plus, inside the box, the primary blister packaging has a new foil seal and a larger bowl to make it easier to remove the lenses. The new packaging doesn't increase the cost or decrease the number of lenses per package.

Phone: (877) 334-3937

Live Eyewear designed its polarized sunwear to be worn over prescription eyewear.

Live Site

Live Eyewear has launched a Web site. At, you'll find enhanced menus and options that will "decrease page-loading delays and optimize the Web-surfing experience."

The site also features photos, lens information, press releases, electronic warranty registration and links to Live Eyewear catalogs. A Store Locator search box directs consumers to the nearest authorized Live Eyewear retailer.

Authorized Live dealers have a password-protected part of the site. From there, dealers can access the latest information on promotions, point-of-purchase materials and Live Eyewear developments. In addition, dealers can change their profiles and use an ordering system.

Live Eyewear

Phone: (800) 834-2563

Eye Wash

Optics Laboratory presents Eye Wash, which:

Eye Wash comes in a sterile, single-use bottle. Optics Laboratory sells it this way to avoid cross-contamination from repeated use and to give your patients extra space so they're not storing big bottles. Eye Wash is preservative-free.

Optics Laboratory
Phone: (800) 968-6788
Fax: (626) 350-1906

Toric e-Guide

CooperVision is giving away free copies of an educational CD called "Total Toric e-Guide." The CD combines the science of soft toric lenses with new research and case presentations.

Milton Hom, O.D., in conjunction with the Association of Contact Lens Educators, authored the "Total Toric e-Guide." CooperVision considers it the most comprehensive educational tool on soft toric lenses available today.

The "Total Toric e-Guide" is incorporated with ToriTrack, CooperVision's precision toric fitting program, which is available in PC and Palm OS versions.

Phone: (800) 341-2020

Tears in New Vial

Advanced Vision Research (AVR) has designed an alternate vial for its preservative-free TheraTears Lubricant Eye Drops. The single-dose vial incorporates a pop-off top and an ergonomic shape.

"The new TheraTears vial design shortens the distance between the patient's fingers and the dropper tip for greater control," says Jeffrey Gilbard, M.D., founder and president of AVR. "In addition, the new ergonomic grip makes squeezing the vial easier for patients. This is especially important for the many artificial tear users who are elderly."

Advanced Vision Research
Phone: (800) 979-8327

Blepharitis Coupon

When your patients visit, they can now sign up to receive a free sample of Eye Scrub and a $3 coupon off the retail price.

As you know, Eye Scrub treats blepharitis, what patients commonly call "eyelid dandruff." Eye Scrub is available in the eyecare sections of most pharmacies and retailers, such as Walgreens and Target.

Novartis Ophthalmics
Phone: (866) 393-6336

The PT100 tonometer comes with an infrared printer. 


Reichert Ophthalmic Instruments offers the PT100 Non-Contact Tonometer (NCT). This NCT is rechargeable without cords, so you can use it anywhere -- in your practice or at hospitals, clinics and retirement homes.

The PT100 features an LCD screen that activates with the push of a button. The PT100 weighs less than 3 pounds, and its recharging base takes up little space. In add-ition, the PT100 has a measurement range of 0 mm Hg to 60 mm Hg. It's equipped for wireless data transfer.

Phone: (888) 849-8955

Prism Magnifier

For your low-vision patients, Gulden Ophthalmics is selling the ergonomically designed Spitzberg Prism Magnifier.

The magnifier uses the light-bending qualities of both a lens and a reflecting prism to magnify printed material, presenting it at an angle convenient for the reader as well.

The magnifier comes in two sizes: 4.0 cm and 6.5 cm, and offers a magnification of 6x.

Gulden Ophthalmics
Phone: (800) 659-2250
Fax: (215) 884-0418

Fundus Camera Clearance

Nidek has received FDA 510(k) clearance for the NM-100 Digital Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera. The NM-100 captures images of the retina and the anterior segment.

The NM-100 provides high-resolution mega-pixel 45º images by incorporating a digital progressive scan CCD camera. The 6.4-inch color liquid crystal display and control panel allow ease of operation for image capture, editing and transmission of image date to the removable ATA flash card. The image data can also be transmitted via USB, RGB or NTSC signal outputs to other devices, such as the Nidek Advanced Vision Information System.

Phone: (800) 223-9044

Panoptx says the Convertible is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

Putting the Top Up

Panoptx, makers of Windless Eyewear, has launched its Convertible model.

The Convertible features the Ocular Surround System (OSS). This is a foam eyecup that seals the eye, protecting it from wind, dust, snow, debris and harmful ultraviolet rays. OSS is removable.


Optometric Management, Issue: July 2002