Article Date: 9/1/2002

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New Artificial Tear
Allergan added a new product to its Refresh line. Says the company, "Refresh Endura is the first lubricant eye drop for dry eye that treats all three layers of the tear film. Clinical studies show that patients who used Refresh Endura on an average of 2 to 3 times each day saw significant improvement in symptoms."

When applied, the Refresh Endura formula delivers oil to the tear lipid layer (to minimize evaporation), water to the tear aqueous layer (to keep the eyes wet) and gel to the tear mucin layer (to keep the cornea lubricated).

Refresh Endura performs these actions simultaneously. In addition, it dissipates into the tear film without leaving an oily residue.

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Internet Images
Nidek signed an agreement with XzamNet to process 3-D images.

"This is one more step in helping our customers process their stereo pair images into a 3-D image, which can be sent via the Internet," says Nidek. "When combined with Nidek's new line of retinal/fundus cameras, doctors can now enjoy the benefits of high-resolution digital imaging to assist them in their diagnosis of retinal and anterior segment conditions, resulting in enhanced data handling and communication, which ultimately benefits patients."

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Santinelli offers the LessStress lens drill as a response to the popularity of rimless three-piece mount frames.

Less Stress
Santinelli International is the exclusive distributor of the LessStress drilling machine. The designer and manufacturer of this lens drill (Interspeed, GmbH) claims that it's "the smallest, lightest, easiest-to-use, most precise and innovative drill to enter the market."

LessStress features a drill tilt, a pentascopic tilt table, an opto-electronic encoder and an electronic-coordinates readout in .05 mm.

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Dry Eye Entry
Cynacon/OcuSoft introduces Hydrate Essential, a dry eye medication that combines proprietary liposome technology with peer-reviewed ingredients.

Hydrate Essential contains flaxseed oil, which is an n-3 fatty acid. The company says, "Many reports have linked flaxseed oil to increased comfort when used to manage dry eye. Researchers suggest that in general, most individuals could benefit from a diet that includes more n-3 fatty acids. Such therapy may also benefit a person's skin, mucosa, cardiovascular system and central nervous system."

Besides flaxseed oil, Hydrate Essential also contains evening primrose oil, which has a high content of a rare essential fatty acid, gamma-linolenic acid.

The flaxseed oil and primrose oil are combined with bilberry extract, which fights inflammation.

The flaxseed oil, primrose oil and bilberry extract are all micro-encapsulated with hydroxylated lecithin liposomes, resulting in improved absorption.

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The PowerRef II is four instruments in one.

Four for One
Refractive Dynamics is the exclusive North American distributor of the PowerRef II by PlusOptix.

The PowerRef II uses the latest in infrared video surveying technology. Essentially, it's four machines in one. It's a simultaneous bilateral autorefractor, a simultaneous bilateral pupilometer, a dynamic bilateral accommodation-measuring device and a pupillary-distance-and-gaze-deviation measuring device.

Using eye-tracking technology, the PowerRef II captures images in seconds from 1 meter away. You can record exams in live video format.

Refractive Dynamics
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Optometric Management, Issue: September 2002